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The Language of Love

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No relationship is perfect – be it romantic or friendship, there will be ups and downs. There are many ways to show someone that you care – but everyone values those various ways differently. And in any relationship it can be helpful to not only know you’re own preferences, but also the preferences of the other person. For example, some people don’t care about getting actual gifts, but for some people that is how they know to show they care. I had heard of the 5 love languages a while ago and had discussions with friends about what their language was, but I just recently did my own profile.

Gary Chapman is a marriage guru and created the love languages series. You can take the survey for free on the website and you can find out what language has the most meaning for you. There are 5 love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. And I think it’s pretty accurate. I had a tie between two: quality time and words of affirmation (described below). Not surprised at all. I’ve added the book to my list so will report back on that after reading – there’s even a singles edition.

Are you single? Learn what your languages mean the most to you and use that info in friendships and future relationships. In a relationship or married? Learn your language and your significant others’ language. Read the description for what matters to them so you can show them you care in the most meaningful way for them. Why would you not want to do that?




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