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I would not make it through the day without music. And since our office moved, I have my own and no longer have to wear headphones – which makes the day much more comfortable overall. As I’ve said before, Spotify is the way to go: full albums, custom playlists, you can listen to one artist if you want, and they have great pre-made playlists. Here’s what has been playing lately from my speakers.

7HCSeven Handle Circus.
 I went to their farewell concert a few nights ago and it was great. I’m sad they won’t be together anymore – their shows are always a blast. Fun to be a local group too!






benrectorBen Rector. New album – Brand New – was just released. Spotify only has a few songs so far but I got the full album because I can’t wait for his concert in November. Now only a great musician, but a great guy – filled in some for our worship band and lived in the adjoined duplex to my friend in my Nashville days. Loving what I’m hearing of the new album – favorite track so far? “Crazy” #mylife





wertzMatt Wertz. No new music, I just always love listen to this guy and his concert is also coming up (with Dave Barnes). Definitely bought VIP tickets to this one. Gotta do it once in life, right? Now to just decide on which song I’d really want to hear for the brief VIP acoustic performance if they take requests…so many albums, so many songs! Another Nashville love.





barnesDave Barnes. See Matt Wertz logic above. They may as well be brothers. Also a really funny guy – check out his YouTube channel.







shuntSam Hunt. A little pop-country. So shoot me….I like it. Also playing this fall for a post-Braves game concert. I can suffer through a game for this horrid season to see him. And I love baseball…..but 20-6 this past weekend?? Really??

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