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Five of my favorite musicians, all Nashville guys, had/have shows in Atlanta over a span of 10 days. Ben Rector was amazing on Saturday night at the sold out Tabernacle. And this week I have my two of my fav musicians to look forward to: Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes. So I at least get to see 3 of the 5!

I’ve been listening to Matt and Dave for a while and have not missed many live shows. And they’re touring together, which is even more exciting because although each is entertaining enough in their own respects, together they are on another level of entertaining.

Both of them have a great mix of fun, dance-along music and some of the sweetest songs you will ever hear, including the song below. These tickets – and yes, we went for the VIP, because, why not – were bought in July and the countdown began then. Thursday cannot come fast enough.

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