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Station Eleven

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I recently finished Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel for a new book club with a few friends (too late to cross off my 101 list that ended 2.5 years ago…??).  And yes, we did actually talk about the book when we met….maybe only because there were questions at the end of the book….but still we discussed it! At least for a little while.

On one level, it is just another dystopian, the world-as-we-know-it-has-ended novel. But this one is different than the others I have read in that it details the downfall of the world (due to a flu epidemic) and flips between the pre-epidemic world and post-epidemic world. It was, in a way, more believable than many of the dystopian novels and series out there, which was also kind of scary. A deadly virus spreads quickly and wipes out most of the world population *cough*ebola*cough*bird flu*cough*. Not too far out of the realm of possibility. Oh geez, sorry for the depressing, scary tangent. But it gets ‘ya thinking. I was also traveling while reading the end of the book, most of which takes place in an airport, so that was great.

This was a great and quick read – highly recommend.


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