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The Most Dangerous Animal of All

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Another audio book took me down and back from my brother’s for Thanksgiving. The Most Dangerous Animal of All by Gary L. Stuart and Susan Mustafa came up on a recommendation list for me based on my interest in true crime stories and it was available through the library when I needed it. It was a much better audio book than A God in Ruins but a very different story.

Gary Stuart tells his story of being abandoned as an infant then adopted. As an adult with his own child, his biological mother tracks him down and they begin the process of creating a relationship and catching up on life. He starts asking questions about his biological father, which leads him down a rabbit hole of increasingly disturbing information. Eventually, Stuart compiles quite a bit of compelling evidence that his father was the Zodiac killer. I think he covers some extraneous information about his life that just made the book longer, though I guess it was interesting enough and contributed to the overall story. Apparently a lot of people still come forward today claiming they discovered who the Zodiac was, but what I don’t understand is why the police don’t run DNA tests on the old evidence and compare them against these claims. Although it is highly likely this guy is no longer living, I would think they would want to close the cold case for good.

Anyway, check out the book – it’s an easy and intriguing read if crime and criminal psychology are things that interest you.


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