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I’m a pretty active person, so the FitBit revolution caught my attention, but not quite enough to buy one for myself. I sometimes have trouble justifying spending a good bit of money on something that I don’t really need (well, ok except maybe on clothes…maybe sometimes I have a problem with impulse purchases there). Because I run a lot and during certain parts of the year also bike and swim, I wanted a fitness tracker that would be useful in all of those activities. So I started researching and comparing and yes, taking notes….there may or may not have been a spreadsheet involved. And per usual, when it comes to this kind of purchase, I know exactly what I want…which means it will not exist.

So of course Facebook got word of my fitness tracker hunt and presented an ad to me for Moov, who just happened to be releasing their new fitness band soon and had a really good pre-order deal. So I did some more research and decided that it was pretty darn close to what I was looking for. I’ve had it now for about 2 months and so far it was definitely worth the months of waiting after pre-ordering. I’ve only used a few of the programs – open training run, speed endurance run, and body weight workout – but I’ve really liked those. I’m planning to get back to swimming and biking come the new year, but I’m confident my Moov will continue to impress.

my moov; they offer a few different color options

my moov; they offer a few different color options

So here’s a review of the Moov Now that is hopefully helpful!

What I was looking for: run/bike/swim tracking, sleep tracking, steps (that’s not so much to ask, right?)

Pros: Moov Now does it all. Wear it around your ankle for run tracking (distance/pace, impact, cadence, range of motion). The coaching programs coach you throughout your run – for the speed/endurance program you choose the pace you want and the app will keep you on track, while reminding you of form. The workout app is great – in 10 minutes or less do 3 rounds of body weight exercises (jumping jacks, squats, plank, lunges, push ups, crunches). Moov will count your reps and remind you of form tips (also shows you someone doing it). 6 month battery life. Affordable.

Cons: it does not count exact steps – instead it does ‘active minutes’, which is not 100% accurate as I don’t always swing my arm enough when I’m walking from place to place. During the training runs, it skips an interval if you have to stop too long at an intersection. I think you can pause it, but I keep my phone in a belt when I run. It is not a watch, which I would use, but definitely don’t have to have.

workout programs on the moov app

workout programs on the moov app


run details

run details


7+ minute workout

7+ minute workout

Overall, I think the Moov is a great option for athletes, especially compared to the others at this price. It’s a fraction of the cost of other trackers that do some of the same things. I still don’t think there’s one that does absolutely everything, at least not at a reasonable price, but I have no doubt the technology will get there. I’ll report back after I try more of the workout programs!

**Interested in trying out Moov?? Use my referral link to order today!


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