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Watch this commercial. A man in Israel has had a beard for 14 years – the entire time he’s known his wife and had children. But someone or something convinced him to shave his beard. And the reaction he gets is incredible. He is unrecognizable to his own family.

This got me thinking. I can’t imagine having some physical feature for so long or even acting a certain way for so long that people wouldn’t recognize me without it. Hair would be the most obvious and recognizable feature…but for a woman it would have be pretty extreme change, like going from my current mid-length cut to a true pixie. Someone going from glasses to contacts or vice versa wouldn’t elicit that powerful of a response. Extreme weight loss would definitely count – especially on the shows where they are away from family and friends during the weight loss.

And the other question is would you want to make such a drastic change that your own spouse doesn’t recognize you? Sure, everyone has something about themselves they would change. And I’ll admit, there are times I wouldn’t mind starting anew, being someone different, creating a new me. But to be unrecognizable? I know this is not exactly what this guy did, but perhaps his family had to work to not view him as a different person. Physically at least. Change can be good and bad, especially depending on the reasons for that change. I just think this is fascinating and would love to see a follow-up story – has everyone adjusted to the lack of beard? Does he like it? Is he going to grow it back?

Have you ever made an extreme change that created such surprise and shock? Was the general reaction positive? Negative? Did you regret the change?

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