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Paper Towns

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20 days into the year I finished my second book. I think I’m on a good track to read 20 in the year! I had read and loved The Fault in Our Stars by John Green a couple years ago but am sometimes hesitant to turn around and read more of the same author, especially when I love the book I just read. It’s unlikely that if I love a book another book by that author will disappoint, but why risk it??

I gave in, though, and picked up Paper Towns by John Green. I had also seen the movie previews but wanted to read the book first. And I’m glad I did. On the surface it’s a memoir for many of our high school experiences – cliques and friend groups, graduation. But it also speaks to relationships in general, as adults. The downfalls of putting someone on a pedestal. Imagining someone being one way and realizing they are not that way at all. Or even imagining an event going a certain way and experiencing something completely different. I’m very guilty of that. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have expectations – I think it’s quite impossible to not – but keeping them in check is just smart. After all, wouldn’t everyone rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed? Ok, maybe that’s a slightly cynical way to look at things, but in some instances it’s only best.

I highly recommend this book – it’s a quick, fun read and I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to one character or another. Enjoy!



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