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Lent definitely snuck up on me this year. I realized late yesterday that today is Fat Tuesday. But I had been thinking a little about what I would do (or not do, as it may be) for lent this year and social media was continuously put on my heart. I am of the belief that social media is not pure evil, but can definitely be used for good as well as bad. And that our society has become obsessed with it. I am especially guilty of not only spending too much time on social media, but also using social media in unhealthy ways. I’ll admit that I use it to make my life seem as fun and interesting as possible. I use it to compare my life and myself to others. I use it judge others lives and opinions. And these are all things I am not proud of doing and things I do not want dominating my life.

So I am taking a break. 40 days. Well, technically 46, because I think cheating on Sundays is cheating. I know this will not be easy. I love seeing pictures and posts to keep up with friends and family. I love posting pictures and documenting life. And I know that this has become the cliché lent thing to do, but it’s actually something I have been considering doing anyway. My goal is to come out with a healthier relationship with social media, have better priorities for my own life, and better time management habits. Or maybe – gasp – I won’t miss it at all and will never return! Not likely, but hey, you never know.

I will still be here, on my blog, so feel free to keep up with my life and social media-less journey here. I only ask that if we are friends and something important happens in your life or if there is an event happening, you contact me via other means (I will still use the Facebook Messenger app since that is just messages). And feel free to text or email any pictures my way that I would otherwise love seeing via Facebook and Instagram. 🙂



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