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Sharp Objects

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Sharp Objects was the third Gillian Flynn book I have read and it was my least favorite of the three. It was still a good read, though a little predictable. Still dark, though in my opinion not as dark as Gone Girl or Dark Places. Camille is a newspaper reporter who is given an assignment to cover the murders of two girls in her hometown. She is forced to visit her dysfunctional family and revisit emotions and events of the past that are very disturbing. All the while trying to get the story and keep her job, find a murderer, and keep her sanity. It’s a pretty quick read and keeps you involved and guessing all along. The story wraps up in two big ways, one of which I guessed pretty early on in the story. The other was definitely a twist.

This was Flynn’s first novel, so it’s not surprising it was my least favorite. She really dug deep into the crazy for her second two novels, and this one still has plenty of crazy.


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