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The Oscars are right around the corner and talk of movies has come up a lot. Generally, I dislike ‘favorite’ questions – favorite movie? favorite food? favorite book? Those are impossible questions to answer. No one can have just one favorite anything. I don’t believe you. There is too wide a variety of genres and options. It depends on my mood, it depends on the company, it depends on the time of year. So many factors! But these are some of my favorite movies. These are go-tos that I never really tire of watching. I own them on DVD.


princess bride



The Princess Bride. Classic. Quote-able. I remember watching this as a child and remember being terrified at certain parts. And I love watching Mandy Patinkin (i.e. Inigo Montoya) today on old seasons of Criminal Minds.






The Prestige. I love a good drama with a twist. Bet you won’t be 100% sure what happens, even after you see it. I saw it twice in the theater. Because I had to. My mind was blown. It’s like a story with a hole. Love it.







Once. I love music more than anything. But a movie with music might just take the cake. This drama was shot with very little money (€112,000) and shows a story of two people in Dublin who love to make music. It’s sweet, it’s sad, and the music is incredible. It earned an Oscar and a Grammy so you should probably check it out.






Pitch Perfect. More incredible music but a much different tone in the form of comedy. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who didn’t like this movie. Again, incredible soundtrack and very entertaining. I can literally watch this movie over and over. And the sequel is actually not horrible.





despicable me

Despicable Me. Last but not least, everyone needs a favorite animated movie. And although it’s hard to beat the classic Disney that I will always love, the newer animated films are pretty great. Sure, this movie has a great message and is sweet, but the minions are what make it. Characters who can communicate and convey feelings with grunts and chirps and wordless sounds? Genius.

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