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All the Bright Places

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My very good friend moved to Pennsylvania last week so I rode with her with the car stuffed full for the 12 hour trip. We had a blast and both love to read, so of course we had an audio book. We had to get creative since her car didn’t have an aux input or blue tooth, but we made it work.

We chose All the Bright Places by Jennifer Nevin because it had been on multiple lists of must-reads. It is a story of two high school seniors dealing with things that no teenager should have to deal with – death, mental illness, abuse – but are fortunate to find each other in their times of need. It was a good story and was a great, albeit very serious, topic to cover. My friend and I agreed, though, that it was too long. It could have ended numerous times and there were some sections that dragged on far too long.

I think, also, that a slower book like this may be better to read than to listen to. Having listened to a lot of audio books on road trips, I think I have finally figured out that comedic or higher energy or faster-moving plot line books are best in audio format.

Anyway, I wouldn’t give this book rave reviews, but it was a good read on a topic that many people, especially teenagers, deal with.


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