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What I Had Before I Had You

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I wanted to go ahead and do 2 book posts this week since I finished 2 books last week. At the same time as listening to All the Bright Places, I was slowly reading What I Had Before I Had You by Sarah Cornwell. Apparently I have subconsciously been choosing the most depressing books ever, because this book also covered topics of mental illness, death, and growing up too fast. I would also not give this book rave reviews, but it has also appeared on numerous must-read lists. Maybe the summer just isn’t the time for these serious, bordering depressing reads.

This time, the story is about a women revisiting her childhood with her children in tow as she relocates post-divorce. She returns to the town she grew up in and got mixed up in the wrong crowd, but discovered the truth about her extended family that her mother had lied about. It was a little slow to get through. Only read if you are prepared for some heavy topics.

I’m moving on to a pure fun entertaining summer read next.

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