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Only one book left to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge! Ok, so I didn’t set a very good challenge. Better planning next year.

My friend left me a box of books when she moved  about a month ago and I needed a light, fun summer read. I finished Bossypants by Tiny Fey in 5 days. Very quick read but also very entertaining. It’s similar to other celebrity autobiographies I have read (Mindy Kaling, Rob Lowe), consisting mostly of personal stories about the business and other random topics. Obviously Tina Fey’s stories are funny and her ‘opinions’ about topics are dripping with sarcasm and hyperbole. Which is exactly what I was expecting. I think my favorite was her recounting the experience of playing Sarah Palin on SNL, which I didn’t realize was after she had left the show to do 30 Rock.

Very entertaining. 5 stars. Check it out!


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