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Dollar Shave Club Review

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It’s bad enough to have to spend so much time shaving, but to also have to spend SO much money on razors ($4-$5 per blade) makes it ten times worse. I’ve heard a lot about Dollar Shave Club so I decided to do some research. I checked out the website and I read numerous blog reviews by women who had tried it. And I really didn’t find anything negative. So I decided to try it out. Everything definitely has a masculine look to it, but who cares. If this service had been made for women it would probably be at least twice as expensive.

There are 3 different blade options. I went middle of the road with The 4X ($6 per month – $1.50 per blade – and free shipping). I definitely didn’t want just one blade, but don’t think I need to deluxe, and I think most of the reviews from women I read were for the 4X. I also ordered the Easy Shave Butter ($8) because, again, it got great reviews and it sounded like some shave cream I used to love. I don’t like the foamy shave cream so I usually don’t use any, or just use a little conditioner (did you know that trick?). But I figured why not since I was ordering a new razor anyway, and I won’t need that every month.

Everything came in a cute little package (I realize it’s ‘manly’ and cute is probably not the appropriate adjective…but I think it’s cute).

I’ll start by saying I wasn’t quite as impressed as I hoped to be, but my expectations may have been pretty high to begin with. This is all in comparison to my Venus Embrace razor that I’ve had for years. For thing to remember is that it is a men’s razor, so it doesn’t have any kind of protective material (moisture ribbons or whatever they call it) around the blades like many women’s razors have. Really all this means is that I have to go slower when shaving….[long sigh]. Again, as first stated in this post, I hate how long it takes to shave. If I had a dollar for every….sorry, preaching to the choir, I know. Anyway, my first shave was hurried so got a couple nicks like a teenager shaving for the first time. But it was a good shave. The more sensitive areas women have to get to aren’t quite as easy with a men’s razor, either, but just slowing down helps. It’s definitely not so much worse than my women’s razor that I’ll give up spending less and having them delivered to my door! I may move up to The Executive blade but I’ll give this one some time first. It is also a little harder to grip in the shower than a woman’s razor. I haven’t actually dropped it yet but have had to readjust my grip and have almost dropped it.

The Shave Butter was definitely worth the buy. A little goes a long way, so you won’t have to buy it every month, and especially because I don’t use it every time I shave (hellloooo – that takes more time), I won’t have to buy it often at all. It definitely leaves everything smooth and softer than not using anything.


PROS: cost, home delivery, good shave, shave butter

CONS: less protection around blades (have to shave slower), harder in sensitive areas, grip


If you want to try it out for yourself, use my referral code and try it out! Then let me know what you think!

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