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The Widow

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I finished this book pretty quickly, partly because it was a good read, partly because I couldn’t fall asleep one night. Regardless, The Widow by Fiona Barton was an entertaining read. I thought it was a little slow in the middle, but it’s a captivating whodunit child kidnapping story that keeps you guessing throughout. It does jump around in time but clearly marks the time for each chapter, which I appreciate. I never had to flip back and forth to compare time on chapters and never got confused about where in time the story was.

There is also a secondary story line about psychological abuse and brainwashing within domestic partners. Many women find themselves (and may not even realize it) in relationships that are mentally controlled by their boyfriend or husband. They may blindly follow that man and believe everything that man says. The main female character in this book deals with this and it was interesting to see how her character developed throughout the story.

As you move into cozy fall reads or get those last pool days in, check this one out!


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