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If you haven’t heard the news, the Backstreet Boys will take up residency in Vegas next year! Even though I am and always have been an N’Sync girl through and through, BSB was a close second and I’m pretty excited. The chances of N’Sync doing a reunion are slim (come onnnnn JT!!!) so I’ll take what I can get.

For all you Beliebers and Swifties and Directioners out there, we didn’t have fan names.  We also didn’t have Twitter battles over who was better. We didn’t have Twitter! And although there were definitely hard core fans, it was generally a boy-band-love world. You definitely ranked them and couldn’t love them all equally, but *hate* was a word rarely heard out of a teenage girl’s mouth in the same sentence with a boy band.

I know other boy bands have already made the national tour rounds, but if you really want to boil it down, BSB and N’Sync were the kings of the boy bands. And this is a Vegas residency. Trump card. Anyway, watching BSB perform with James Corden was entertaining in a funny way but also spectacular. Apart from the choreographed dance bits (which are pretty good considering the youngest Backstreet “boy” is 36 years old), it’s a little like watching your dad try to dance. A couple of them are taking this very seriously, while it looks like some (cough*Howie*cough) are just there because they have nothing else to do.

Who else is in for Vegas?! Happy Friday!

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