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Fates and Furies

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I feel like Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff took me ages to get through and I’m pretty sure this is my least favorite book this year. Yes, it’s on all kinds of “must read” lists and nominated for all kinds of awards, which is why it was on my “to read” list. But I don’t agree with the lists on this one. I honestly thought it was slow and boring and painful. I did read the whole thing though.

It’s a weird story about a weird couple. The husband tries his hand at acting but eventually realizes his true calling (I won’t give it away since you don’t find out until later in the story). The second half of the book, the furies part was definitely better and more engaging than the fates part. But by the time I got to that part I was over it. I almost wish Groff had incorporated the family and friends of the couple more because they made the story a little more interesting. Their relationship with the family and friends was much more entertaining than their relationship with each other and their work. Just my opinion though. Feel free to disagree or read some other reviews to decide whether to read it or not.


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