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Killing Jesus

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I realize I’m way behind the times on reading the Bill O’Reilly books and they have been on my list for a while. I snagged a few from the boxes of books my mom handed off to sell/donate and decided to start with Killing Jesus. I really had no idea what to expect but it was fascinating. It focuses on the historical facts surrounding the life of Jesus. If you dislike historical books, movies, etc. you may not like this book.

Every detail even remotely related to the life and death of Jesus is included in this account. The lives of rulers at the time and the times before and after Jesus’ life on Earth are discussed. Jewish traditions and ways of life at the time are explained. This is not the Biblical account of Jesus’s life but the historical one. And I cannot imagine this was an easy one to research and write given the known conflicting accounts of events. The timeline was a little hard to follow sometimes, but I was very impressed with the details and really enjoyed this book.


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