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2017 Book Challenge

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I love the book challenge through Goodreads – you just set your goal for the year and update what books you’ve read. The site keeps track of your progress! I read 30 books last year (after setting a random goal of 20), so I thought I’d challenge myself just slightly this year to read 35. Of course I set this before realizing I have one more class to take this semester which will take up a lot of my reading time, but we’ll see how it goes. I may have to throw in some short books. 😉

My first book of this year was The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. I enjoyed it overall, but I thought it was a little dragged out at times and had more detail than I really cared about. The story chronicles the lives of a group of society’s elite women in 1950s New York City and their relationship with a writer, Truman Capote, who infiltrates their circle. From what I can gather, the characters are real people and some of the events are actual events, but I had to do some research to figure this out and it’s still not completely clear. I think I may have enjoyed it more had I know those details before reading the book. It was good – a little like Gossip Girl but more sophisticated – but be prepared to maybe skim some parts that just get too bogged down in detail.


One thought on “2017 Book Challenge

  1. Super review. I’m way older than you and enjoyed a younger person’s view. I love reading reviews on books that I have also reviewed. If interested here is mine:
    Super review. I love reading reviews on books that I have also reviewed. If interested here is mine:

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