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I loved spin class when I was a member at a gym (nothing is close enough now where we live) and my husband likes a stationary bike for exercise. Cardio is hard on his knees. So we’ve talked about buying one for at least a year now. Obviously there is a lot of hype around the Peloton and I have numerous friends who have one, so that was a great gauge. But my husband set out to do some comparisons as well.

And boy did he compare. He literally spent weeks comparing different bikes. He got it narrowed down to two – Peloton and Echelon Fit – then did a week or so more of comparing and contrasting. This is not a cheap purchase, so we wanted to be sure about out decision! There were obviously pros and cons for both, but ultimately we went with the Echelon Connect Ex-5 Bike. It was significantly cheaper then the Peloton and still had great reviews. The main complaints were about the app, but we figured we’d try it and at the very least subscribe to the Peloton app instead. And Echelon had a deal that included a free iPad, which we figured would be more useful than a screen connected to the bike. So here’s what we think.

We love it! The shipping took a little while – we pulled the trigger and ordered right when we started to work from home. But it came in one giant (and heavy) box pretty much ready to go. As with anything, it took a little while to put together and some instructions were a little vague, but it wasn’t bad. This was one difference between the Peloton is that they set it up for you. But we also didn’t want anyone in the house by then.

I have already been doing Beachbody for a while, so I don’t use it every day, but my husband uses it most days. He’s had a few issues with the app syncing the workout but overall we’ve loved it! He likes the scenic routes and I’ve done both scenic rides and on-demand classes. There are also live classes, which we have not done yet. The on-demand classes I’ve done so far are great. I’ve tried a handful with different instructors and enjoyed them!

Overall, we love the bike and am so glad it’s an option for at home exercise. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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