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This was a pretty quick read but took me a bit to really get into it. My initial thought about Writers & Lovers by Lily King was that is was slow and kind of boring. But after the last 1/3 of the book and thinking about why I wasn’t into the first 2/3, I loved it!

Casey is just a normal young adult (young-ish….early 30s) dealing with normal adult issues. She struggles with her mental health after her mother’s sudden death. Her father is somewhat estranged, her brother lives on the other side of the country, and she is dealing with a recent heartbreak. She dreams of being a writer and has been working on a novel but cannot seem to get it done. And she’s hiding from collections agencies trying to collect her overdue debt of college loans. And these are just the issues she’s dealing with at the beginning of the story.

Throughout the entire story, she beats herself up for not being able to cope with all of this. And she doesn’t have anyone she is comfortable being fully honest with about any of it. She finally sees a therapist who really snaps her back to reality. She has tried to play off the things she’s dealing with as small and insignificant issues. And I feel like a lot of us do that, especially right now. If something is troubling you or stressing you out, it is significant in your life, even if you think it’s silly or would be a minor speed bump for someone else. It doesn’t do anyone any good to compare tragedies.

I didn’t end up liking this book because it does have a happy ending. I ended up liking it because it is real. The character is real, her issues are real, and the way she deals with those issues, both initially and ultimately, is real. No one can do it alone. Definitely check it out and enjoy!

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