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In Five Years

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Thanks to my friend for sending me this book – she’s pretty much my personal librarian/reading list. In Five Years by Rebecca Serle was a very quick read and highly entertaining. Dannie has a plan for her life and she checks off the boxes like it’s her job. Meet a man worth marrying, get her dream job, marry said man, buy a home in a specific part of town, live happily ever after. But one night that dream is sent into a tailspin by a simple dream. Or was it an actual glimpse into the future?

She goes about her life with her fiance and best friend, but always has that dream in the back of her mind. And when things start hitting too close to what she dreamed, she has to make some major life decisions. And she learns a lot about relationships along the way. My only complaint is that the end kind of leaves you hanging and wanting more. Check it out and enjoy!

One thought on “In Five Years

  1. Maybe there will be a sequel called In Ten Years…

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