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City of Girls

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I was on a pretty fast streak of reading but this book slowed me down a bit. Or maybe it’s just the timing. City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert was fine but it was a little too long and boring at times. As an old woman, Vivian Morris responds to the daughter of a good friend who asked her how she knew her father and why they were such close friends. Vivian responds by telling her her entire life story, starting in the 1940s, when as a young college drop out she was shipped off by her parents to New York City to live with her aunt. A lot of the story was interesting and entertaining, but there was just too much of it. Vivian has lots of fun, gets into some trouble, and has a wake-up call to make her turn her life around. Overall, I just didn’t understand why this young woman would need to know every last gritty detail of Vivian’s life to explain to her how she and her dad became friends. It could have worked just as an old woman reminiscing about her life. It didn’t take up a huge part of the story – just didn’t make sense to me. Overall, the writing was great!

I’ve read other of Gilbert’s books and enjoyed them, this one just didn’t completely pull me in. But I’m almost halfway through my goal for the year! Let me know what you think!

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