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Social Distancing, Part 2

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As of today, we have been working from home and social distancing for 4 months. It’s definitely a crazy world we’re living in right now. But we’ve kept busy since my first social distancing post 3 months ago, especially because the weather kept getting nicer. And really, until July 4 weekend, the weather wasn’t the usual sweltering summer in the south.

So here’s what the past 3 months have looked like!

Puzzles. I finished 4 more puzzles, though it’s now been a couple months since I started a new one. I have a stack, though, that I’ll have to break into soon.

Reading. Plenty of books still read. As of today, I have finished 26 of my goal of 50 for the year. There’s a post for each one if you want to see what I’ve been reading!

Movies/TV: We’re watching maybe a little more than usual (pre-pandemic), but that’s only because we’re home every single night and not out doing things. We’ve watched some great movies and some not so great ones. I think it’s a given that Hamilton was my favorite. I had seen it on stage, but my husband had not and he definitely enjoyed it. We had tickets to see it back in April but as of now, it’s pushed to fall 2021. Recommend to watch: Stuber, Bad Education, Extraction, Just Mercy, The Lovebirds, The Hate U Give, and Happy Gilmore (have to get some oldies but goodies in there from the DVD collection). Don’t go out of your way to see The Last Thing He Wanted (this movie made absolutely no sense), Water for Elephants (especially if you’ve read the book), and The Death of Stalin (it was ok but not what we expected and pretty depressing).

I/we have also made our way through some tv shows. Some I watched on my own, though most we watched together. We finished Community – watched all 6 seasons in about 2.5 months and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy quirky humor and short episodes. Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children was incredible and appalling if you like documentary and unsolved mysteries. Upload was great and definitely recommend and Seinfeld’s comedy special, 23 Hours to Kill, was hilarious. Home After Dark on Apple TV was ok – interesting really only because it was based on a true story. I watched the first 2 seasons of Manifest and enjoyed them, though the show could really end up down a rabbit hole if they keep going. And Queer Eye season 5 was fabulous. The best by far is Schitt’s Creek – yes, we’re late to this game but it may be my favorite show ever. We just started season 4 so will finish then wait with everyone else for season 6 to hit Netflix.

Get outdoors. We have continued to get outdoors when we can. We took a day around our anniversary to go to Sweetwater Creek State Park. We have gotten lots of yard work done. And luckily our pool is open with less furniture. We are also lucky to have family who lives on an uncrowded beach in Florida, so we were able to get away for a week. There was one day that were the only people on the beach!

Baking. I finally got on the quarantine baking train. Mostly cookies – the best snickerdoodles (my friend) and the best chocolate chip recipe I’ve ever made. Then once my mom’s blueberries were ripe, there were more than enough for muffins and cobbler.

We are still very lucky to be where we are with the jobs we have, able to work from home. We can hope this will all be over eventually, but it’s not looking like it’s any time soon. We can just keep trying to make the most of it! Stay safe and healthy!

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