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Simon’s Family

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This might be the lowest I’ve rated a book. I’m usually pretty forgiving with my ratings. But I’m surprised I got through this book completely. It’s not that Simon’s Family by Marianne Fredriksson was bad…it was just boring most of the time. Maybe being translated from Swedish dulled it down a bit or maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

As a child, Simon befriends Isak and their families become very close. Simon actually ends up being more like Isak’s dad and Isak like Simon’s, making for an interesting cross-family dynamic. The story follows the boys growing up, through WWII, discovering things about their pasts and families, dealing with everything from losing parents, finding love, and becoming men, each in their own way. There were parts that were more engaging and parts that were just weird (maybe in Sweden it’s more common to talk to trees and be one with different elements of nature).

It took me a while (putting me one book behind schedule towards my goal), but I got through it. Not sure I would recommend it unless you enjoy more low key novels about families and family dynamics. But maybe start it and decide for yourself!

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