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Beef & Cheese Enchiladas

Apparently I had a one track mind last week to re-make Home Chef meals. My next recipe to tackle was Beef & Cheese Enchiladas. I remembered these being VERY good and I was not mistaken. In fact, these may be the best homemade mexican dish I’ve made. And that’s saying a lot considering how much I love my crock pot taco chicken that you can do a million things with. Obviously this takes a little more work, but it is totally worth it. And you can easily modify it for different amounts, likes, and dislikes!

Full recipe is below – enjoy!

Pretty basic ingredients – modify as you wish! I used wheat tortillas instead of corn, taco seasoning instead of enchilada seasoning (I don’t think this exists – even Penzeys doesn’t have one), and a generic Mexican cooking sauce instead of enchilada sauce (I got Herdez traditional chipotle sauce and highly recommend it – it is delicious. A fajita sauce or taco sauce would be fine as well). And I used a Mexican blend cheese instead of cheddar-jack because I had it already.



Prep ingredients first, which is pretty much just chopping a jalapeno. I remove the seeds and always use gloves when chopping these – if you’d had jalapeno in your eye you would do the same. Or better yet, don’t risk that and just do it because I would not wish not on my worst enemy.



Cook your meat next and drain the fat. Add the seasoning and stir until coated.



Remove seasoned cooked meat to a bowl, then add jalapeno, corn, green chiles, and about half of cheese. Mix together (this is your filling).



Soften your tortillas. You can do this on the stove (wipe out the meat pan and heat each side over low heat), or place tortillas on a plate between two damp paper towels and stick in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. You just want them slightly warm so they break when you fill and roll them up.

Then assemble! Fill each tortilla with beef mixture, roll and place, seam down, in greased baking dish.


Finally, pour sauce on top and top with cheese!


Bake then serve with some rice, sour cream, and cilantro (fresh is ideal). Or whatever other sides and condiments you want!



Beef & Cheese Enchiladas


  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 1 lb. ground beef
  • 1 ½ Tbsp. taco seasoning
  • ¾ C frozen (or fresh) corn
  • 2 oz. (½ a can) diced green chiles
  • ¾ to 1 C Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • 6-8 tortillas
  • 1 C Chipotle cooking sauce (or enchilada sauce, fajita sauce, taco sauce, etc.)
  • 1 ½ Tbsp. water
  • Fresh cilantro for garnish (optional)
  • Sour cream for serving
  • Mexican or Spanish rice for side


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Chop jalapeno.

In a medium pan over medium heat, brown ground beef, breaking up with spoon as it cooks. Cook 8-10 minutes or until browned. Drain fat. Add taco seasoning and stir until coated. Remove to a medium mixing bowl.

To mixing bowl with beef, add diced jalapeno, corn, canned green chiles, and about half of the shredded cheese. Mix well.

Soften tortillas in microwave between 2 damp paper towels, about 20 seconds on high.

Spray a baking dish or baking sheet.

Fill tortilla with some of beef mixture. Roll closed and place seam-down in baking dish. Place enchiladas against each other snugly.

In a small bowl, mix the sauce with the water. Pour over enchiladas and top with remaining (or desired amount of) cheese.

Bake 12-15 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and melted.

If making rice, make while enchiladas bake.

Serve with fresh cilantro and a dollop of sour cream.

[modified from Home Chef recipe]



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The Oscars are right around the corner and talk of movies has come up a lot. Generally, I dislike ‘favorite’ questions – favorite movie? favorite food? favorite book? Those are impossible questions to answer. No one can have just one favorite anything. I don’t believe you. There is too wide a variety of genres and options. It depends on my mood, it depends on the company, it depends on the time of year. So many factors! But these are some of my favorite movies. These are go-tos that I never really tire of watching. I own them on DVD.


princess bride



The Princess Bride. Classic. Quote-able. I remember watching this as a child and remember being terrified at certain parts. And I love watching Mandy Patinkin (i.e. Inigo Montoya) today on old seasons of Criminal Minds.






The Prestige. I love a good drama with a twist. Bet you won’t be 100% sure what happens, even after you see it. I saw it twice in the theater. Because I had to. My mind was blown. It’s like a story with a hole. Love it.







Once. I love music more than anything. But a movie with music might just take the cake. This drama was shot with very little money (€112,000) and shows a story of two people in Dublin who love to make music. It’s sweet, it’s sad, and the music is incredible. It earned an Oscar and a Grammy so you should probably check it out.






Pitch Perfect. More incredible music but a much different tone in the form of comedy. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who didn’t like this movie. Again, incredible soundtrack and very entertaining. I can literally watch this movie over and over. And the sequel is actually not horrible.





despicable me

Despicable Me. Last but not least, everyone needs a favorite animated movie. And although it’s hard to beat the classic Disney that I will always love, the newer animated films are pretty great. Sure, this movie has a great message and is sweet, but the minions are what make it. Characters who can communicate and convey feelings with grunts and chirps and wordless sounds? Genius.

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Get Up and Moov

I’m a pretty active person, so the FitBit revolution caught my attention, but not quite enough to buy one for myself. I sometimes have trouble justifying spending a good bit of money on something that I don’t really need (well, ok except maybe on clothes…maybe sometimes I have a problem with impulse purchases there). Because I run a lot and during certain parts of the year also bike and swim, I wanted a fitness tracker that would be useful in all of those activities. So I started researching and comparing and yes, taking notes….there may or may not have been a spreadsheet involved. And per usual, when it comes to this kind of purchase, I know exactly what I want…which means it will not exist.

So of course Facebook got word of my fitness tracker hunt and presented an ad to me for Moov, who just happened to be releasing their new fitness band soon and had a really good pre-order deal. So I did some more research and decided that it was pretty darn close to what I was looking for. I’ve had it now for about 2 months and so far it was definitely worth the months of waiting after pre-ordering. I’ve only used a few of the programs – open training run, speed endurance run, and body weight workout – but I’ve really liked those. I’m planning to get back to swimming and biking come the new year, but I’m confident my Moov will continue to impress.

my moov; they offer a few different color options

my moov; they offer a few different color options

So here’s a review of the Moov Now that is hopefully helpful!

What I was looking for: run/bike/swim tracking, sleep tracking, steps (that’s not so much to ask, right?)

Pros: Moov Now does it all. Wear it around your ankle for run tracking (distance/pace, impact, cadence, range of motion). The coaching programs coach you throughout your run – for the speed/endurance program you choose the pace you want and the app will keep you on track, while reminding you of form. The workout app is great – in 10 minutes or less do 3 rounds of body weight exercises (jumping jacks, squats, plank, lunges, push ups, crunches). Moov will count your reps and remind you of form tips (also shows you someone doing it). 6 month battery life. Affordable.

Cons: it does not count exact steps – instead it does ‘active minutes’, which is not 100% accurate as I don’t always swing my arm enough when I’m walking from place to place. During the training runs, it skips an interval if you have to stop too long at an intersection. I think you can pause it, but I keep my phone in a belt when I run. It is not a watch, which I would use, but definitely don’t have to have.

workout programs on the moov app

workout programs on the moov app


run details

run details


7+ minute workout

7+ minute workout

Overall, I think the Moov is a great option for athletes, especially compared to the others at this price. It’s a fraction of the cost of other trackers that do some of the same things. I still don’t think there’s one that does absolutely everything, at least not at a reasonable price, but I have no doubt the technology will get there. I’ll report back after I try more of the workout programs!

**Interested in trying out Moov?? Use my referral link to order today!


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#17. Drive-In

This was my last cross-off before the end of my 30 before 30 list! Sure, it may have been one of the easiest things on the list, but it took some time and effort to actual plan and do haha. My friend and I headed to south Atlanta to check out the Starlight Drive-In Theater and I’d say we did it pretty darn well considering neither of us had been before. This is up there for one of my favorite things I did on my list.

We stopped at Fresh Market and picked up dinner (salads), snacks (pumpkin popcorn), dessert (giant cupcakes), and wine. I had no idea how crowded it would be – I know it’s a zoo in the summer – but the weather was cooler and it was a Friday night. So we were the second car there when we got there….but it gave us plenty of time to get settled. We set up a pretty sweet and comfy pallet in the back of my Jeep. The weather was perfect for this semi-outdoor outing. The audio was so-so (tuned through the radio) and there are lots of distractions – cars driving by, people turning their lights on and off – so I wouldn’t try this seeing a movie that requires close attention. But I thought it was way more enjoyable than sitting in a stiff movie theater.

I highly recommend this for a group outing (take multiple cars and park next to each other) or a date. They are open year-round so pack your blankets and get cozy!

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New State, New Race

Two big items crossed off my 30 before 30 list this past weekend! I traveled up to Ohio (#13 – a new state) to visit friends and run the Capital City Half Marathon (#2 – a new half marathon)!

I was very pleasantly surprised by Columbus, OH – it was homey and cozy and fun! I don’t know exactly what I expected, but it was a great city. All of the food we had was great and we visited the conservatory (which was free for me thanks to my local garden membership). The tulips were in full bloom and beautiful. We drove around campus and some different little neighborhoods, and between that and the race I pretty much saw all of Columbus!

As much as I was impressed with the city, I was blown away by the Capital City Half Marathon. It was the best race I have ever done. Not only was it my personal best – crushing my old best time by 9 minutes – but it was SO well organized. There was great music and audio at the start line, the course was beautiful (and mostly flat – thanks Columbus), and most importantly, the finish line was ideal. If you’ve never won a race, the finish line/area is super important, especially for a longer race like a half or full marathon. You don’t want to run for hours then come to a stop in a pack of people. This race was the best finish I’ve ever seen – medics on hand as soon as you crossed the finish (that I luckily did not need), medals being handed out on both sides, water available right away, fences to keep the spectators out of the way, food shortly after the water, and they kept people moving to not block up everything (which is usually the major issue). If you are trying to find a race, I highly recommend this one.


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Home Chef

I tried out Plated recently, so of course I had to try another recipe delivery to compare! Home Chef popped up on my facebook ads and had a good promo, so I went with it! Same shipping, same packaging, almost identical recipe cards.  Home Chef is cheaper per plate than Plated and the Home Chef meals seemed to be more filling (more meat options). For my first week I chose the Salvadoran Flat Iron Steak and Turkey and Goat Cheese Meatballs (over pesto spaghetti). They were both delicious, very filling, and the produce was fresh. The only downside was that there was not really 2 servings worth of cauliflower to go with the steak. Plated does have some more unique menu options, so that is a plus.

Both are lovely options if you are like me and like to cook but don’t love grocery planning or shopping. I’ll keep trying them as long as I have some credits or discount codes to use!

To try Home Chef with a $30 credit, use this link: and let me know what you think!



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Sweetwater 420 Fest 5K

Cross off #3 on my 30 before 30 list – and it was a record-breaker! Six months left to finish the list!

I’ve expressed before how much I like 5Ks – and it still holds true. Those are the races where I can really challenge myself and see improvement. And I set my personal best with the 420 Fest 5K! It was good and bad timing – I’ve been training for a half marathon so obviously could say I’d trained well, but it did cause me to not get in a great long run last weekend. Oh well! It was made greater because it was a friend’s birthday and her first 5K, and another friend who met us there was having her bachelorette party!

I did learn a major lesson with this race though – ALWAYS use the porta-potty before the race. Whether you feel like you need to go or not. I don’t know why I didn’t – I think I thought we had less time than we really did and I really didn’t have to go – until I actually started running. Lesson learned. Will never happen again. Longest 25 minutes of my life ha.

Anyway – personal record set: chip time of 25:12, 8:09 pace, 8th in my age group out of 241 women! And lots of fun – would definitely consider doing this race again (even with the giant hill to the finish line….not cool Zulu racing).