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The Shadowboxers

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and some of my favorite bands and artists are ones I first heard as opening acts. I usually listen to openers I’ve never heard before the show, but didn’t before the Dave Barnes show at The Ryman this past weekend. So when I say I was completely blown away by The Shadowboxers it’s a little bit of an understatement. It didn’t hurt that we were front row, either (huge thanks to my friend for that one). And if there ever were a time to use the word swoon, this would be it, and is exactly what we did on Saturday. These guys are fun, talented, and easy on the eyes. They’ve got moves. From Atlanta, now in Nashville – my two favorite places.

Check them out and enjoy! Definitely go see them live if you have the chance. I’ll be jamming out to them, Lucie Silvas and Dave Barnes all day today reliving that amazing show at my favorite venue.



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Air Traffic Controller

No, I’m not making a career change. I found a new band! Air Traffic Controller is upbeat, fun and actually remind me a little of Fun (the band) and/or Walk Off the Earth. I imagine their show is also entertaining. Ok, yes, I really wanted to say ‘fun’ again. They use of a variety of instruments including strings (violin, upright bass, etc.) and mandolin in some songs, which I always love.

Check them out! I’m going to keep an eye out for them to come through Atlanta!


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Nathan Angelo

I was really excited to come across Nathan Angelo on Spotify. He’s in the same vein as Marc Broussard who is easily my favorite artist. A little soul, great vocal range, and seems to be an entertainer (though I have not yet seen him live). And his last album was recorded live here in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar. It’s a small intimate venue and I’m sad I missed that performance. This video is from that performance, so enjoy and be sure catch him the next time he plays in your town!

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Tim Halperin

Last week was really the concert of the year for me with two of my favorite musicians (and the meet and greet was so fun). So it was no surprise that the opener, Tim Halperin, was just as great. I had listened to him a little before the show, but I was really impressed with his live performance. He’s great on the keyboard and has a smooth sound that flows easily from poppy tunes to chill acoustic. This should get your toe tappin’ on a Monday morning!

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Concert of the Week

Five of my favorite musicians, all Nashville guys, had/have shows in Atlanta over a span of 10 days. Ben Rector was amazing on Saturday night at the sold out Tabernacle. And this week I have my two of my fav musicians to look forward to: Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes. So I at least get to see 3 of the 5!

I’ve been listening to Matt and Dave for a while and have not missed many live shows. And they’re touring together, which is even more exciting because although each is entertaining enough in their own respects, together they are on another level of entertaining.

Both of them have a great mix of fun, dance-along music and some of the sweetest songs you will ever hear, including the song below. These tickets – and yes, we went for the VIP, because, why not – were bought in July and the countdown began then. Thursday cannot come fast enough.

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Concert of the Week

This concert has been on the calendar for months. Many months. And it’s finally here. Well, this weekend…but it’s here!!!! If you don’t know Ben Rector you should. And this is obviously not an original song, but it really shows off his talent. And who doesn’t love this song?! He’s one of my Nashville loves of many years who has really hit his stride in the music world. He has sold out the Tabernacle this weekend and that is no small feat.

So start the [gross and rainy where I am] week off right with this fun song covered by Ben Rector. And check him out more when you get a chance!