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Whole 30 Week 1

Week one down!! And let me tell you, I feel great! Mostly it’s just mentally feeling great about what I am eating or, really, not eating. I haven’t really been tempted by anything.

I’m not going to lie, my Day 1 was ROUGH. But I was also going back to work after being off for 2 weeks, so the combination was not the best. I got a headache that only got worse throughout the day and I got in bed at 8pm. But it could only be better after that, right?! And it did! Obviously your body has to adjust. My energy was a little low starting my Whole30, but even after just a few days I could already tell it was getting back to normal, and I mostly noticed a difference during my workouts.

As I said initially, I was keeping it simple the first week. So I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch every weekday – which is what I normally do anyway. Other factors I had to consider: 1) I eat breakfast at work, so I needed something I could make or heat there and 2) our kitchen at work is tiny, so it’s best to quickly get your lunch together or else there’s literally a traffic jam in there. So I spent about 3-4 hours on Sunday prepping.

Every now and then I had a small handful of cashews if I got hungry in between meals, but I don’t really love raw nuts, so I haven’t found the best snack option yet. Typically I try to not snack, so this wasn’t something I considered from the start. I also had to sneak a couple Lara Bars in when I got desperate a couple days.

I’m really enjoying the Whole30 so far! I even made it through a partay Friday night and just sipped on a La Croix!

Weekday Breakfasts: Egg, sausage, spinach casserole + piece of fruit + black coffee. Technically the sausage is not Whole30 approved – there is a tinsy bit of sugar added. It’s just impossible to find. I won’t eat it every single day though. It was good – nothing special really but it was filling and tasty! Also really easy to heat up.


breakfast – week 1


Weekday Lunches: Salad w/ grilled chicken, zucchini, squash, brussel sprouts, avacado, blackberries & orange poppyseed dressing (yum). I grilled (on a grill pan) a bunch of chicken on Sunday seasoned with Penzeys Mural of Flavor, cut it up into pieces and portioned it out between 5 snack-size Ziploc bags. I steamed the veggies slightly – but you definitely don’t have to – and also portioned them into Ziploc bags. (If you have not discovered Ziploc Steam Bags – they will change you life.) The seasoning on the chicken paired perfectly with the dressing.

lunch - week 1

lunch – week 1


Dinner: baked salmon + sweet potatoes + broccoli. My kitchen was not back to normal until mid-week, so the first couple of days needed to be super simple. I baked salmon seasoned, again, with Mural of Flavor (seriously amazing on so many things), steamed some frozen broccoli, and steamed a cubed sweet potato! Nothing special, but it was good!

dinner nights 1 & 2

dinner nights 1 & 2

Dinner: beef & sweet potato chili. I cannot express how delicious this was. I’ve already posted it, so check it out!

Weekend Breakfast: sweet potato hash w/ egg + turkey bacon + fruit. Megoir’s look way more delicious than mine – I’ll have to perfect this.


Weekend Dinner: spiced butternut squash soup. I’ll post this recipe this week – so good, but not so easy. One night I had a side of sweet potato, one night a small piece of baked chicken.

I need to be better about lunch on the weekends, but I usually eat a later breakfast and am out and about in the middle of the day. So there was more Lara Bar cheating and small handfuls of cashews than planned.

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Highland Bakery

I’m on a roll so far in 2015: #11 on my 30 before 30 list is complete! A friend was in town for new years, we were awesome and ran a 5K on the 1st, then we slept in on the 2nd. My apartment unfortunately had some water leaking/damage while I was gone for Christmas, so I have done no grocery shopping and my apartment is in disarray while they dry it out then repair it (still waiting…).

So….long story short – we had to go out for lunch before she left town and I somehow thought of Highland Bakery, which I had never been to (sad for an Atlantan, I know). I had the breakfast BLT – yum. Open-faced, fresh greens, bacon, tomato, and over medium eggs. It was a complete mess to eat and it was delicious.

I highly recommend Highland Bakery and they have 5 lovely locations to choose from (we went to the Midtown location – complimentary valet but not a ton of seating)!



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Table at Ten

The second restaurant I made it to before the holidays was Table at Ten in the heart of Midtown. ScoutMob has some great deals for brunches and dinners for 2 and is an easy way to make yourself try a new place. This was no different – brunch for 2 at Table at Ten was perfect for a little pre-Christmas get-together for my friend of 27 years and I.

They had a very good and unique menu. We started with some mimosas and took our time deciding what to order. My favorite brunch food is benedicts, so I went with Florentine Benny with fresh veggies and a perfectly poached egg. Recently most of the benedicts I’ve ordered have overcooked poached eggs, so it was nice to get one cooked correctly. My friend’s order took the cake though: chicken-n-waffle sliders. Crispy chicken and candied bacon between mini waffles, with syrup for dipping. Of course I had a bite and it was just as good as it looked.

There wasn’t a crowd or even a wait (though it was a dreary Saturday), so check it out on the weekend if you want a new delicious brunch! And for me, just one more new restaurant to try to check off another 30 before 30 item!

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Kitchen Aid Mixer

I put on my 30 before 30 list to get a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Why? Because I love baking and it is the holy grail of mixers. I know it sounds crazy, but my old roommate had one and it is definitely superior to any other mixer I have ever used. It seriously will change you life.

I am lucky enough to have the best mom ever, so she happily traded her Kitchen Aid for my older some-brand stand mixer since she rarely uses it. And it was just in time for the holidays and holiday baking. Thanks mom! Bet you didn’t even realize you were helping my list. 🙂


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This day was a more relaxing one with only one stop: Rhodes, the “island of roses.” And it lived up to its name! We started with a drive up Mount Filermos to the town of Ialysos to the monastery, built by the Knights of Saint John in the 15th century. The grounds are inhabited by peacocks and in the monastery is the icon of the Virgin Mary, thought to be brought from Jerusalem by the Knights.

We drove back down to the Old Town which in within the fortification walls built by the Knights of Saint John starting in 1309. Most of it is still completely intact and used, including the moat around the walls (which was never and has never been filled with water). The stone is absolutely beautiful: towers, arches, walls. We walked through town to the archaeological museum, which was originally the hospital built by the Knights. They have beautiful headstones of some of the knights and ancient Rhodes inhabitants, as well other statues and artifacts found on the island. My favorite was an Aphrodite sculpture – she is washing her hair when the sculpture startles her from behind – and that is what he sculpted.

Our guided tour was over at that point, but Granville took us on a little extra trip to the oldest synagogue in Greece: the Kahal Shalom Synagogue. It is now a museum of the Jewish community in Rhodes, which was shattered in WWII. Granville had made many trips to the synagogue and eventually met a man who had grown up on Rhodes and was deported to a concentration camp with the other Jews when he was 11 (or maybe 13?) years old. Granville told us his incredible story (he survived and wrote a book, but it’s only in French) then we looked around the museum.

We then had the whole afternoon free on the island. We got a late lunch with our travel friends then set out to shop. There is plenty of shopping in Rhodes, so mom and I wandered looking for some gifts. It was warmer that day and we had planned to hang out a little on the beach, but it started raining so we made our way back to ship (huddled under one tiny umbrella) and lounged around.

After a fun dinner with our friends, we had a fun night of drinks with our tour director and our tour group in the bar at the very top of the ship! I would definitely recommend a stop in Rhodes and probably spending some time (as in 2-3 days at least) there, especially because the beaches are beautiful!

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Tallulah Gorge

The weather has been beautiful and I actually had free time this weekend, so I decided to knock out another hike for my 30 before 30 list. North Georgia has some great hiking options – Tallulah Gorge sounded good for this trip and, as I found out when I got there, it was state park weekend so there was no fee to get in!

The trees aren’t changing yet but the views were still amazing. Some days you can go into the gorge, but this weekend they let the water out, so I’ll have to go back for that. There are easier parts of the hike and harder ones. The hundreds and hundreds of stairs are the harder part – at least going up. Going down was actually kind of scary too. I definitely recommend this for the views and the workout.

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Skinny Chicken Florentine

I have completed my 10th new recipe for my 30 before 30 list – #28! This is a great recipe I found on Skinny Mom by way of Pinterest: Skinny Chicken Florentine. Seriously what did we do before Pinterest?! I know it’s risky to make a new recipe when cooking for others, but I tend to take that risk a lot – especially since it hasn’t gotten me in big trouble yet. My coworker recently had a baby, so this was an easy and delicious dish to throw together for her and the family – just grab some bread, a salad kit, and some ice cream sandwiches and there’s a full dinner!

Of course I totally forgot it was a new recipe until I was done so I only have an end picture. It was a chicken-spinach-cheesy deliciousness (I made extra so I could have some too of course)!