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Skin in the Game

I am not one for political or even current issue posts. However, what we have seen in our nation in the past year is disturbing and scary. To be completely honest, I haven’t said anything because I don’t know what to say. I haven’t said anything for fear of accidentally saying the wrong thing. I haven’t said anything because what difference would it make? Probably none. But racism is still a very real thing. Profiling is a very real thing. I am very lucky to never have to personally be affected by these issues and likely never will be. But I know people who are and will be their whole lives. And it breaks my heart. There are broad generalizations on both sides: not all black men are criminals and not all cops are racist and/or brutal. Again, what do you say?

Recently I have seen and listened to many people discuss these issues and they say it much better than I can. So I thought I’d share. The first is Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Although there is some fantastic comedic relieve (it is still The Daily Show) he gives a great perspective on police profiling and brutality and comparisons between this and other current “issues”.

“The point is you shouldn’t have to choose between the police and the citizens they are sworn to protect” -Trevor Noah-


The second discussion came at church, where Andy Stanley scrapped his scheduled sermon last minute in order to address the issue. He had an on-stage, very real discussion with Sam Collier and Joseph Sojourner, two black men affiliated with North Point Ministries. This is something the church should be talking about, this is something the church has dealt with before, and this is something the church and its people can help deal with again. I highly recommend watching this. It’s not a sermon (at least mostly not), it’s a discussion. And honestly it’s one that left me feeling sad – sad that this is an issue and what these men have to face – and hopeless – hopeless that I cannot do anything to help. But I can pray for our nation, leaders, and my community. And at the very least I can say that I am not ok with what has been happening in my country.

skin in the game


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What I Had Before I Had You

I wanted to go ahead and do 2 book posts this week since I finished 2 books last week. At the same time as listening to All the Bright Places, I was slowly reading What I Had Before I Had You by Sarah Cornwell. Apparently I have subconsciously been choosing the most depressing books ever, because this book also covered topics of mental illness, death, and growing up too fast. I would also not give this book rave reviews, but it has also appeared on numerous must-read lists. Maybe the summer just isn’t the time for these serious, bordering depressing reads.

This time, the story is about a women revisiting her childhood with her children in tow as she relocates post-divorce. She returns to the town she grew up in and got mixed up in the wrong crowd, but discovered the truth about her extended family that her mother had lied about. It was a little slow to get through. Only read if you are prepared for some heavy topics.

I’m moving on to a pure fun entertaining summer read next.

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Social Media Freedom

If you missed the explanation post, I gave up social media for Lent this year. It’s been 3 weeks and let me tell you…..I feel FREE.


Ok, maybe freedom from servitude and itty bitty living space isn’t exactly the same feeling. But it’s a pretty great feeling. It really is freeing to not constantly be checking my phone, worrying about what everyone else is up to, and trying to make my life look perfect. Believe me, it is far from perfect. And this has been surprisingly easy, though not a total piece of cake. The hardest part has definitely been breaking the habit of constantly picking up my phone to check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Well, that, and missing photos and videos of the most adorable nephew ever.

My desire to post photos has not really been curbed at all because I have done some fun stuff lately, especially attending a beautiful wedding last weekend. In all honesty, though, no one is missing those pictures (except maybe my mom, who just likes to keep up with my life because she cares).

I’m not to the point yet where I want to rid myself completely of the social media handcuffs, but I think I will at least not put the Facebook app back on my phone. That will at least help with the time wasted scrolling down my news feed and caring too much about what is being posted.

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Looking Back to the Future

Merriam-Webster defines nostalgia as “a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.” Nostalgia is a natural thing. And I don’t think it’s always a negative thing. But it’s something our society, or maybe just my generation, has become obsessed with. It has reached excessive.

Timehop and Facebook’s On this Day to see posts, pictures, and events of past

Reunion Tours to see all the music we grew up listening to (the best music, obviously)

TV Revivals to revisit the good shows, like they don’t make them anymore


Lists, lists and more lists explaining why our childhood was better


Why do we do this? I am the first to say I am absolutely guilty of this. I spent countless hours and amounts of money to make 4 giant scrapbooks documenting 5 years. I have flocked to live shows with Boyz II Men, En Vogue, Garth Brooks, Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls. I check Timehop religiously. And I love listing off things that kids in college don’t understand or know about (the ‘save’ symbol is a floppy disk….). Is it really that things were better than or are we just remembering them being better? It’s like the stories we heard our parents tell over and over…but on steroids because we have physical evidence.

But is this healthy? My answer is that it is to a certain extent. It’s good to have fond memories or even bad memories because we learn from history and from our mistakes. It becomes unhealthy when we fail to enjoy the present or look to the future because we are too busy harping on the past or comparing today to back when. I think we always look back with rose colored glasses. We remember the good things, the great things, the fun things. We downplay, or outright forget, the bad things and trying things.

Now I am not saying I’d prefer my favorite bands of the ’90s to not tour. I will pay for a ticket to their shows over Justin Bieber any day. I do think, though, that we have to be careful to not long for the past or the way things were. The past is the past. We gain nothing by focusing on it too much. Instead, laugh about a picture you see and use it to reconnect with the friend in the picture who you haven’t talked to in a year. Use a memory of a fun activity and recreate it with your friends or family. Enjoy today and make the most of every moment.

cs lewis

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A New Face

Watch this commercial. A man in Israel has had a beard for 14 years – the entire time he’s known his wife and had children. But someone or something convinced him to shave his beard. And the reaction he gets is incredible. He is unrecognizable to his own family.

This got me thinking. I can’t imagine having some physical feature for so long or even acting a certain way for so long that people wouldn’t recognize me without it. Hair would be the most obvious and recognizable feature…but for a woman it would have be pretty extreme change, like going from my current mid-length cut to a true pixie. Someone going from glasses to contacts or vice versa wouldn’t elicit that powerful of a response. Extreme weight loss would definitely count – especially on the shows where they are away from family and friends during the weight loss.

And the other question is would you want to make such a drastic change that your own spouse doesn’t recognize you? Sure, everyone has something about themselves they would change. And I’ll admit, there are times I wouldn’t mind starting anew, being someone different, creating a new me. But to be unrecognizable? I know this is not exactly what this guy did, but perhaps his family had to work to not view him as a different person. Physically at least. Change can be good and bad, especially depending on the reasons for that change. I just think this is fascinating and would love to see a follow-up story – has everyone adjusted to the lack of beard? Does he like it? Is he going to grow it back?

Have you ever made an extreme change that created such surprise and shock? Was the general reaction positive? Negative? Did you regret the change?

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The Language of Love

No relationship is perfect – be it romantic or friendship, there will be ups and downs. There are many ways to show someone that you care – but everyone values those various ways differently. And in any relationship it can be helpful to not only know you’re own preferences, but also the preferences of the other person. For example, some people don’t care about getting actual gifts, but for some people that is how they know to show they care. I had heard of the 5 love languages a while ago and had discussions with friends about what their language was, but I just recently did my own profile.

Gary Chapman is a marriage guru and created the love languages series. You can take the survey for free on the website and you can find out what language has the most meaning for you. There are 5 love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. And I think it’s pretty accurate. I had a tie between two: quality time and words of affirmation (described below). Not surprised at all. I’ve added the book to my list so will report back on that after reading – there’s even a singles edition.

Are you single? Learn what your languages mean the most to you and use that info in friendships and future relationships. In a relationship or married? Learn your language and your significant others’ language. Read the description for what matters to them so you can show them you care in the most meaningful way for them. Why would you not want to do that?




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Throwing in the Towel

I have a confession. I consider myself a fairly decent cook and baker. But I cannot hard boil eggs to save my life. And I eat a lot of eggs. At the beginning of the year, doing the Whole 30, I started eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast every day because I needed the protein, and realized that it was a delicious breakfast. So since then – yes, about 7 months – I have boiled eggs every week for breakfast. It’s not like they have been inedible – they’ve been ok…most of the time. But 90% of the time they are overcooked or undercooked or half the egg comes off in with the shell. It’s embarrassing. So I have decided to throw in the towel. I still want eggs for breakfast, but I bought an electric egg cooker.

I know it sounds silly, but not only is it difficult for me to admit that I suck at cooking good eggs, it is difficult for me to throw in the towel. I took 7 months to throw in the towel…on cooking eggs. Maybe I’m a little stubborn or very determined or maybe I just didn’t know that egg cookers existed until a few days ago. Regardless, it’s never easy to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

How long does it take for you throw in the towel? Calling in reinforcements to help you build that piece of furniture. Finally looking at the map when you are lost. Asking God to take over so you can sleep at night. Moving on from a relationship that just isn’t the best. And what in your life needs the towel thrown in right now? Now that the great egg dilemma is solved, there may be some other things in my life that I need to just let go. Not all things are as easy to put together as they may seem. Not all food is easy to cook. Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. And not all things are meant to be handled on our own.

Throwing in the towel is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s accepting a change or a truth that you have probably already worked to make right, or just relinquishing control. It can be good, time-saving, and healthy, even though it may not be so obvious right away.


And by the way – the egg cooker is possibly the best kitchen item I have bought. If you eat a lot of boiled eggs, I highly recommend it (I bought the VonShef egg cooker). It takes some trial and error with water amount and time to get them exactly how you like them but once you figure that out, it’s a breeze!