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Peachtree Road Race

This year was my third time running the Peachtree Road Race, the largest 10K in the world. Yes, the world. It takes place on July 4th every year in Atlanta. Although running is something I do regularly, training in the summer is difficult, especially this year. Between traveling, moving to a new condo, moving offices, and more traveling, running just hasn’t been at the top of the priority list. But to register for the Peachtree you have to enter the lottery in February/March. In the spring I’m thinking “running! yeah! all the races!” and also that I would surely know someone to run with. Well, I got a number, but couldn’t find anyone to run with in my start wave (I somehow didn’t have any great race times to submit from 2014 and they will NOT let you move up). The weather was not looking good on race day, but let’s be real, I wanted the shirt. And for this race you get your shirt at the end of the race.

Long story short, I got up and made it to the start line. Waited around for my wave to start (not a ton of fun by yourself). And as soon as my group got to the start line, the rain started. And it rained. And rained. And rained. The good news was that it made me run the entire race – having not really trained other than a few 3-4 mile runs – in my best time for this race!

This is a really fun race, rain or no rain, friends or no friends. I highly recommend it – even if you’re not a runner, don’t you want to say you completed the largest 10K in the world?! Plenty of people walk it. Or if you do want to run, just hit me up and I’ll likely be running!

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Just [kind of] Fab

I don’t like shopping but I do like buying new things. Shopping typically requires driving somewhere, searching for a parking spot, spending hours trying to find what I want/need and usually not finding it or spending hours trying on things that don’t really fit. So I’ve taken to online shopping whenever possible. I stick to the same stores where I know what size to order (which still doesn’t always guarantee a great fit). I was intrigued when my friend told me about JustFab for shoes. I love having shoe options but also don’t want to spend a ton on shoes – especially on styles I won’t wear frequently. They had a good deal for new members and some cute styles, so I decided to try it out.

I ordered 2 pairs. I liked one and didn’t love the other (neither was amazing. but fine enough), but it wasn’t a problem because one of their big promos is free exchanges on any order – right? Long story short: their “simple” system to exchange – not so simple. It would not let me set this exchange up online (as it instructed on the invoice), so I chatted with a rep online who told me I actually could only exchange it for the same shoe (different color or size) because it was a final sale (NOWHERE did it say anything to that effect pre- or post-order), so I called that night and spoke to a rep who processed my exchange immediately no questions asked. Yes, in the end I got what I wanted. But they made it WAY more complicated than necessary.

I asked over the phone if I always needed to do exchanges via phone (IF I buy anything again) and he said no I can do it online (which I was unable to do). I asked why the service rep online told me I was unable to exchange the shoe at all and he mumbled something about “uhhh…depends on the order…uhhh…yeah.”

So….if you want some ok shoes at a decent price try it out – with the caveat that you may have to put some extra work into returning or exchanging them if you don’t like them/they don’t fit/whatever. There are better deals as a member, but it’s one of those deals that you have to skip each month or be charged a membership fee. So a little complicated, but I just keep a reminder on my calendar and avoid charges.

Not a raving review but now you know what you’re dealing with. Maybe check it out a decide for yourself!


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So it’s been a while! I know everyone has been wondering where in the world I have been. 😉 It’s been a crazy month of traveling, buying a condo, packing, moving myself, moving work offices, and other miscellaneous fun summer activities. Want a peek??

A friend introduced me to this app: 1 Second Everyday. So here’s what my April 17 – May 18 looked like (yes, I know that was even a while ago – where is this year going??). You’ll catch a glimpse of some travels, packing, and moving. And this is exactly how the past month+ has felt….like a blur! I have a slew of post drafts, so I’ll go into more details about some of these. Definitely a cool app to check out if you are into video/photo stuff.