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Our last island stop was what everyone had been waiting for: Santorini. When you picture Greece, this is where most of the pictures come from. White-washed buildings, blue domes, amazing sunsets. We were in a race against the setting sun, but we made it to Oia (pronounced ee-ah), on the end of the island as the sun was setting. We had some free time to shop and grab a glass of wine, but enough with the talk, this post is all about the pictures.

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Garth Brooks

I think I’ve said before that I would much rather spend my money on live music over almost anything else. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend one of the most amazing concerts I’ve been to – and I’m pretty sure that I will ever go to. Garth Brooks puts on an incredible show. Fifty-two is not that old, but he did not stop for 2 hours straight – not just playing, but running, jumping, dancing around the stage. Some nights he did 2 shows in one night.

Of course he sang all the hits – all still great even 20+ years later for some. And Trisha Yearwood was the icing on the cake.

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Brew at the Zoo

Beer festivals are fun. But add a fun location and/or entertainment to the festival and it’s even better. Cue Brew at the Zoo. Beer, wine, cute and awesome animals, and live music. This past long weekend was perfect weather and my friend came to visit from Nashville. We had a fun group and I even ran into more friends once we got there! The lines were a little long for drinks, but it was still perhaps my favorite event in Atlanta so far. I would highly recommend it! One new beer/wine festivals down – 1 to go!


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Park Bench

I’m actually surprised I’ve already been to 3 new bars for my 30 list. Though two of them were on the same night…..

Anyway – I totally forgot to add this one after I went a couple weeks ago! Park Bench is in Buckhead and I had heard they had one night with dueling pianos. We just happened to be there on that night (though it doesn’t start til 10pm….on a work night…..yes, I’m old)! It wasn’t crowded because it was a cold Thursday night, but I liked the bar. It was big. Of course, the dueling pianos can’t hold a candle to The Big Bang (my true love piano bar), but really any live music is entertaining and they always play good tunes. I’d definitely go back and I think they’re now doing Saturday nights too which is a little more doable for an old lady 😉


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#74. Pottery

I either forgot this was on my 101 list or just forgot to post about it! Oops! For my mom’s birthday back in January, we and her friend went to That Pottery Place. It was a weeknight and we had the place to ourselves! The girl working was very helpful and endured our many questions and some perfectionist tendencies.  Although I was proud of myself as I am nearly as perfectionist as I used to be when these pottery places first were popular. I chose to paint a square plate and mom chose a little heart dish to paint for Valentine’s decor.

We finished painting right as the owner told us they were closing and went back a few days later to pick up our fired pottery. Mom’s heart dish looked awesome and I really liked my plate! Now, to just to have a place to host something so I can use it for entertaining. 🙂

Mom and Lynda painting away

Mom and Lynda painting away


Mommy and me :)

Mommy and me 🙂


Final products!

Final products!





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#61. Cooking Class

I am very relieved to finally cross off another item from my 101 list. It’s pretty much come to a halt between moving and being in school again. It’s definitely going to take some work in the next few months to get as many done as I can before my 1001 days is up!!

I love cooking and baking. I’d say I’m better at baking just because I’m not good at altering and experimenting with recipes for cooking. Baking is an exact science so there’s really no tweaking.  When I moved to Atlanta, I quickly changed all my daily deal emails to the new city and even added some more. I was excited when one popped up for a cooking class – not only because it was on my 101 list, but because I’ve really wanted to take a cooking class!! So last night, my mom and I made our way over to the Irwin Street Market to The Cooking School for a holiday soups class.

This was the perfect class because my mom and I both LOVE soup and make a lot of it in the winter.  Although it wasn’t an all do-it-yourself class, we learned a lot. We all helped Chef Jake chop, clean, open, stir, caramelize, and puree. And we ended up with 3 delicious soups: Pumpkin, Buttercup Squash, and Peanut. We were able to have a little of each and decide which one we wanted to take home. My favorite was the squash and I can’t wait to make it myself!!

I would totally recommend The Cooking School (oh, and classes are BYOB) and will hopefully go back again for a different class!

the kitchen

the kitchen


mom and I

mom and I










So I apologize for the looong delay in posts. A lot has happened in the past few months. I obviously have not completed many 101 items recently, which will come back to bite me come next spring. But I’m hoping I can have time to think about those again in the near future.

Here’s the quick rundown of my recent life. In August I packed up 8 years worth of stuff from Nashville and moved back in with my parents outside of Atlanta. It was bittersweet – excited for something new but extremely sad to leave what had become my home. I started the MSW program at Georgia State and it hasn’t been exactly what I hoped (more on that to come soon).
The good news is, Atlanta is growing on me.  Luckily there were already a few wonderful people here who made it a pretty easy transition into the social scene, so I have not been lacking in things to do.

I started going to boot camp with my friend at Stone Mountain Park – which is minutes from the house and a wonderful place to escape. We spend other days there climbing the mountain and running/walking around the mountain!

view of the city from the top of Stone Mountain

I went to numerous Braves game in a short amount of time with different groups and it was a blast every time (even the last wild card game of the season….)

awesome win for Christen’s first Braves game!

last regular season series

We spent an entire gorgeous day in Piedmont Park playing kickball and volleyball, then went to an awesome concert at The Tabernacle – Grace Potter!!

Grace Potter at The Tabernacle

But I have, of course, already had plenty of great return trips to Nashville for weddings and football!

at Meaghan’s wedding

VU-UF game

VU-Auburn game

Homecoming! VU-UMass

I have also been able to enjoy some wonderful new restaurants. I have met lots of new people and spending time with my parents hasn’t been all that bad 🙂 Nashville will always hold a special place in my heart, but Atlanta isn’t all that bad. And I am especially pumped to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful friend of 19 years!

Will try to not be so sporadic with posting now that I am feeling more settled and am doing lots of cool things in  new city!