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Happy List

Per my 101 list, I made a list of 100 things that make me happy. I am not generally a negative person, but it makes a difference and is just fun to sit and recognize the little things that make life happier. 🙂

1. Flights that leave on time

2. Baking

3. Reading, snuggled in bed

4. Sweet Cece’s pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt

5. Talking on the phone with my mom

6. Taking Tucker on walks

7. Playing golf with my dad

8. Thunder storms when I am cozy inside

9. Cooking for other people

10. Traveling with a friend

11. Playing tennis

12. Checking things off my to-do list

13. Going to Braves games

14. Football tailgates

15. Vanderbilt Homecoming

16. Celebrating other people’s birthdays

17. Steelers Sundays at the Coleman’s house

18. Completing scrapbook pages

19. Depositing paychecks

20. Wine

21. Hiking at Lake Radnor

22. Buying a complete new outfit

23. Playing Cranium

24. Cheese. All kinds

25. The beach

26. Waking up right before my alarm goes off

27. Friend’s weddings

28. Hosting bridal showers and/or bachelorette parties

29. Adding new music to my ITunes

30. Playing cards with my family

31. Introducing people to the Rayman Wii game

32. Pizza

33. Waking up early on Saturday morning and realizing I can go back to sleep

34. Getting to the end of a good book and starting a new one

35. My Aunt Rita’s home-canned tomatoes

36. Fresh homegrown tomatoes

37. Sweet Ceces red velvet cake frozen yogurt

38. Going to the movies

39. Getting good recipes from family

40. Getting home after a vacation

41. Successful house parties

42. Eating fast food on road trips (guilty pleasure)

43. Always reaffirming that the book is better than the movie

44. Having some weekends completely plan-free

45. A Coke Zero about once every few months

46. Soy Caramel Light Frappaccino from Starbucks

47. Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits

48. Driving back into your own state when traveling

49. Planning house parties with my roommates

50. Getting an unexpected text message

51. People “liking” my status on Facebook

52. Seeing the “once-a-year” side of the family

53. Seeing my cousin’s kids grow up (the oldest just finished driver’s ed!)

54. Getting pictures from family

55. Burris Farmer’s Market in Foley, AL

56. My summer tan

57. Bouquets of mixed flowers

58. Reminiscing about high school with Tess and/or Natalie

59. Going through old family photos

60. Getting through the “slow” sign at road construction without having to stop

61. Getting unexpected mail (snail mail) from family or friends

62. Talking to an out-of-town friend while on the way to their house

63. Having a clean bedroom

64. Driving past someone singing the song you’re listening to on the radio

65. Catching up with a friend

66. Buying a brand new calendar

67. Road trip by myself (no more than 6 hours)

68. Holding little babies

69. Getting a meal paid for

70. Splurging on popcorn and candy at the movies

71. Summer movies in the park

72. Just laying in the park

73. Celebrating a friend’s success

74. Watching a friend open a gift from me

75. Strawberry milkshakes

76. Seeing a license plate from a state that’s really far away

77. Leaving the grocery with only what’s on your list

78. Finding delicious new recipes

79. Getting a baby to smile and look at the camera

80. Writing blog posts in advance

81. Sitting in a coffee shop and reading or writing

82. Girls nights

83. Wearing my pajamas into the afternoon

84. When the kid I am babysitting falls asleep right away

85. Having an fun upcoming weekend to get me through the week

86. Shopping with a friend for a joint wedding gift

87. Planning my wardrobe for an upcoming event weeks in advance

88. Thinking about the future decorating of my own house (one day….)

89. Coloring in coloring books

90. Watching 3 or more movies in one day/night

91. Driving really early while the traffic lights are still flashing

92. Not having to ask my mom for help with rent

93. Having more than 30 views of my blog in one day

94. Sunset Grill late-night, combo nachos, jalapeños on the side

95. Designing pretty/cool invitations

96. Killing the really big bug in the house (I can do it. I can do it.)

97. Sleeping with the windows open

98. Fall weather – jeans and shorts sleeves (but no heavy jackets)

99. Bonfires (fire bowl) on a fall night

100. Feeling loved

——–And because, luckily, there are more than 100 things that make me happy——–

101. Pregame sideline passes at a Steelers game

102. Songwriters at the Bluebird Cafe

103. Christine being home

104. Productive days

105. Cooking for tailgates

106. Decorating for holidays

107. Putting on warm jeans just out of the dryer (esp. in the winter!)

108. Cozy fire on a cold night

109. Christmas music

110. Running in the cold (even though I despise the cold…)

111. Soup Night at church

112. New Years Eve in Nashville

113. Weekends that feel like a week

114. Planning vacations

115. Boot camp

116. Busy work days that go by fast

117. Visiting my brother in Daphne, AL

118. Not having to play phone tag with out of town friends

119. Finding a great new restaurant

120. Sunshine

121. Reading in the hammock

122. Everything pumpkin

123. The first run in new running shoes

124. Fresh produce

125. Linda’s trail mix

126. Cards Against Humanity

127. Riding the train to work instead of driving

128. Cloud cover while running (because even if it’s 90 degrees, it helps)

129. Fireworks

130. Renting free Kindle books from the library

131. Podcasts while running

132. Audio books for road trips

133. Surprises

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