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The Guest Book

This ended up being a powerful book, though the start was a little slow. The Guest Book by Sarah Blake follows the Milton family through multiple generations and decades. It jumps back and forth so it takes a little while to get familiar with the names and relationships. The first quarter of the book was more set up and introductions and a little slower, but once it got to the meat of the storyline I was hooked.

Ultimately, the cousins in present day have to decide what to do with the family island (yes, an island) that has meaning and memories different to each of them. You come to learn the history of the family during WWII and forward, and addresses issues of racism, discrimination, and power and how those looked in New York. Different from the south, for sure, but still obvious. I definitely recommend it and urge you to not put it down if it’s a little slow at first. Enjoy!

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The Heir Affair

I may have liked this second installment of this series even more than the first. The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan didn’t seem to be trying as hard to feel based on actual royal family details as The Royal We and I thought was more entertaining.

After a disastrous wedding, Prince Nicholas and his new bride, Bex, disappear to try and save face, which only makes his family more angry. They must return to reality, however, and learn to navigate the public, their family, and their marriage together. And it is not walk in the park. I especially enjoy the Queen’s character in this story as the authors make her a little more human and “normal”. This is a very quick, entertaining read but you should definitely the first book so you have some background for this one. Enjoy!

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The Ickabog

This was a great book to start off the new year and it was a quick one (thanks, in part, to it apparently now taking me forever to fall asleep at night). At least at this rate I’ll be sure to hit my goal for the year! The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling is not Harry Potter-related but it was a great fairytale that she began writing many years ago, while still writing the Harry Potter books. Apparently she set it aside then dug it back out during the pandemic, and the best part is that she published online to let kids submit illustrations, which are included in the printed book.

It is a heartwarming tale of friendship and of people working together to overcome hardship, but also a cautionary tale of what happens when people lie and let power go their head. I enjoyed the characters and character development and definitely recommend this for adults and children alike. Definitely add it to your reading list and enjoy!