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101 Failure or Success

67 of 101 complete. Not a great stat. It’s a little sad that I wasn’t able to complete more items off my 101 list. Some I have legit excuses for – such as moving away from Nashville where there were 4 items I was not able to complete.  And yes, it was difficult to do some thing after moving and being busy with school and finding myself in a new city.  I can come up with a million excuses, however most were left undone due to laziness. Some required enlisting friends to help and I didn’t push enough. Many just required planning ahead and organizing. A handful I know for a fact I will do in the next 2-3 months, just not in time to make the official list.

I am, though, completely happy with those I was able to complete. It challenged me to do new things and gave me goals to work towards, which I love. You can see my full list – completed and uncompleted items – here: 101 in 1001.

Some highlights from the 1001 days

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#76. Stock the Bar

Hosting parties is one of my favorite things – so I was thrilled to host, along with 4 other wonderful ladies, a Stock the Bar party for the lovely bride and groom-to-be, Meghan and Jonathan (and at the same time cross of a last minute 101 item)!  We had a beautiful host home in Nashville, decorated with wine bottles and candles. Add delicious food from all the hostesses and you have a party!

It was a great night to celebrate the couple, spend time with friends, and meet new friends! Congrats Meghan and Jonathan!

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#77. Cards

I’m struggling to cross off a few more things from my 101 list. But #77 was an important one to me – sending a card or note to someone every week for at least 6 weeks. Although it is necessary, I do get tired of the digital age. Plus, personally, I get excited to receive unexpected mail – so I figure other people are too (unless I’m just that nerdy).

So I wanted to be intentional about sending some notes to people. Now if you received one of these, don’t think you were just something on a list – they were all personally though-out. And I really enjoyed sending them and spending time thinking about touching base with people. My plan is to continue, especially with something as simple as a birthday card. That’ll make someone’s day!!

Here’s to the olden days of paper and pen! 🙂



Drowsy Chaperone

It’s not often that I see a show that I know nothing about – though my roomie and musical theater friends in Nashville always introduced me to new ones – but I do usually enjoy seeing brand new shows. Mom and I went to the Aurora Theater to see The Drowsy Chaperone. I may have seen a few numbers from this show (OC members – did y’all do this one season??) but really had no recollection of the plot or tunes.

But it was fantastic. Very entertaining and funny. And the performers were great also (as it is the only professional theater in our county). And although the Fox Theater is grand, shows in smaller venues are just more personal. If you’re in Atlanta, I’d highly recommend Aurora. And if you’re into musical theater even the slightest bit, I’d recommend The Drowsy Chaperone.

#42 complete on the 101 list!

Drowsy Chaperone

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Mary Poppins

#42 on my 101 list is to see a few stage shows or musicals that I’ve never seen. I love shows, but they can be a little pricey. I’m not sure I would complete this one if I hadn’t moved home with a mama who also loves shows. Last week we ventured to the Fox Theater to see Mary Poppins! I was excited because I love the movie – I, however, had not thought about the fact that it would be different than the movie as the stage production is based on the book!

It was a great show – just had some additional songs and a little different order. The general storyline was a little different also. But all the classics were there – the dancing was great and the kids who played Michael and Jane were amazing. I definitely recommend it – just don’t expect your classic, happy-go-lucky Mary Poppins.


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Great Expectations

Continuing my reading of classics that I never read for my 101 list. There are a number of books that we weren’t forced to read in school and that I feel I missed out on reading. There are just some good classics! I had a 6 hour drive a couple weeks ago so I started the Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) audiobook, and luckily I’m in the car at least 2 hours a day commuting meaning plenty of time to keep listening every day!

I love listening to books, but especially with a classic, it can be easy to zone out and miss something. This story does have some slow parts  but overall I really enjoyed the story. It has love, mystery, criminals, drama; you love some characters and hate some characters; it’s easy to get emotionally involved. I do wonder how differently a book reads in book form rather than audio form – but I guess there’s no way to test that – there’s only one first reading of a book – one first reaction. Even if it’s been years since you read it, you’ll still remember bits and pieces.

Anyway – I enjoyed Great Expectations and will consider it a great classic.

[Side note: This is my 300th blog post! Woot!]


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#71. Movies

I love going to the movies. The cost of them makes it a rare occurrence, but being 27 years old and single, I figured I should start to be more comfortable doing things by myself. So going to the movies by myself easily made it onto my 101 list. Right now I am working 3/4 time (soon to be full time – yay!), so work 4 full days a week and take Fridays off. So what a better day than a Friday, when all my friends were working, to go see a movie that my retired parents had already seen – Argo. It was spectacular. I did not know details of the actual event since it happened before I was born, so I had no expectations (other than I had heard nothing but good about the movie) and did not know how it ended. I know a movie is good if my heart is racing and I am nervous. It definitely deserved the Oscar for Best Film that it won. I highly recommend everyone see it. [And going to the movies by myself was fun!]