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#10. Boot Camp

I didn’t actually track this one very well, and it was hard with Thanksgiving and Christmas thrown in the mix, but a little over 3 months ago I joined Fit Fast Boot Camp. So I think it’s time to cross off #10 off my 101 list: go to boot camp twice a week for 2 months. Like I said, there were holidays in there, but I’m pretty sure with the exception of the week of Christmas, I’ve gone at least twice a week since I joined.

I love it. I really feel like I’m in the best shape of my life, even more so than when I played tennis year round in high school! The running helps too. But boot camp offers such a great overall workout of cardio, weights, and core that you really can’t beat the results. The trainers are not crazy hardcore and don’t yell, but it’s an intense and fun workout! I’d definitely recommend it if you are wanting to get back into shape!

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#90. Snowman

Even Nashville has already had a good share of snow this winter!! Crazy!! Yesterday, while we were sleeping, it silently piled up outside to total about 3 inches!!

So of course I had to use this perfect opportunity to complete #90 on my 101 list – build a snowman. Now don’t laugh, but the snow wouldn’t roll!! It was too dry, but Meghan and I were determined. So mini-snowman it was. He is a simple little man, with a nose, mouth, arms, and yes, a bagel-thin hat. Maybe a little tragic, but it works for a southern snowman!! (Thanks to Meghan for taking pictures!!)

Kind of sad but he totally counts











We stayed out a little longer since I am not used to this much snow every year. Tucker loved running around and kicking up snow (and trying to get our snowman’s face and accessories….).

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#88. Coloring Book

I’m starting off the year with plans to complete a few 101 items that have been started for a while now. The first was to complete a coloring book! My friend Adam was very thoughtful and gave me a coloring book for my birthday back in October just for this purpose. And yes, it took me this long to finish it.

Adam chose well. I love Tinker Bell


It came with 4 crayons, but who can color a book with only 4 crayons?!?



I finally finished about 2.5 months after starting. And it was good I finished because some colors were getting really dull….and no one likes a dull crayon! I’m really glad I put this on my list because I actually do love coloring!