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The Big 3-0

The day has finally arrived. The end. Well, at least the end of my 30 before 30 list. Today is big 3-0 birthday. And despite a sweet first grader (from #10 on my list) guessing this week’s celebratory day to be my 39th (which was better than the first kid’s guess of 80), I am excited! My 30th year was a solid – there was fun, travel, growing, and some major decisions. I did some awesome things to prepare for this day, as is reflected in my list that I spent a little less than 2 years working on. I’d call it a success – crossing off 24 things officially, but unofficially 25 as I am pretty much counting #5 to volunteer for a race – I signed up, I got up and was on my way, and they canceled the race. So we’ll call it 25.

Some that I did not complete simply required more prep than I had time for this year – training for one more triathlon or a bike race – while others just fell off the radar – learning to play my guitar or staying in a nice hotel. But I got to cross off some pretty amazing things: travels (GreeceOhio, & family road trip), running my 4th half marathon and blowing my best time to pieces, eating my way around Atlanta (#11), and loving the outdoors (#1), among many more.

I don’t understand the big deal about 30 (my dad still remembers one of his sisters thinking the world was over turning 30). I’m surrounded by people I love who care about me, I have a job and a great condo, I’m keeping my mind sharp in classes, I have been celebrating all week and I am now on the way to the beach with some of my favorite gals. Thirty, schmirty. This is the best birthday ever!

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#17. Drive-In

This was my last cross-off before the end of my 30 before 30 list! Sure, it may have been one of the easiest things on the list, but it took some time and effort to actual plan and do haha. My friend and I headed to south Atlanta to check out the Starlight Drive-In Theater and I’d say we did it pretty darn well considering neither of us had been before. This is up there for one of my favorite things I did on my list.

We stopped at Fresh Market and picked up dinner (salads), snacks (pumpkin popcorn), dessert (giant cupcakes), and wine. I had no idea how crowded it would be – I know it’s a zoo in the summer – but the weather was cooler and it was a Friday night. So we were the second car there when we got there….but it gave us plenty of time to get settled. We set up a pretty sweet and comfy pallet in the back of my Jeep. The weather was perfect for this semi-outdoor outing. The audio was so-so (tuned through the radio) and there are lots of distractions – cars driving by, people turning their lights on and off – so I wouldn’t try this seeing a movie that requires close attention. But I thought it was way more enjoyable than sitting in a stiff movie theater.

I highly recommend this for a group outing (take multiple cars and park next to each other) or a date. They are open year-round so pack your blankets and get cozy!

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#25. Picnic

It’s a race against time until my 30th birthday and crossing items off my 30 before 30 list. I had a friend visit last weekend so I figured it would be a good time to cross something off. She – as are many of my friends – was interested in going to see the laser show at Stone Mountain. Everyone should see the laser show at least once in their lifetime. Although I grew up going and spent my first job working some shifts at the show, I had not been in many years.

No, the laser show was not on my list but having a picnic was – and what better time than waiting on the lawn for the sun to set and the show to start?! We stopped at Kroger and grabbed some basics – popcorn chicken, pasta salad, and slices of cake – and paired that with the popcorn and drinks from home. It was a perfect night – actually starting to feel like fall and I had to put my long sleeve shirt on!

I love being outdoors and I love food – so picnics are the perfect past time. And the show wasn’t too bad either….though not the same as viewed as a child. If you’ve never been, it starts at dark (not even dusk, but dark), but get there at least an hour early if not before. Just throw your blanket down then there is plenty to keep you occupied, including people watching (my other favorite past time).