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10K Slump

I’ve enjoyed many 5Ks. I’ve even enjoyed a couple half marathons (plus one that was not so enjoyable). But for some reason, every 10K I run is a struggle.

Today I ran the Atlanta Beltline 10K. If you are not familiar with the Beltline, it is the best thing to happen to Atlanta in a long time. It is a paved trail along the old railway line that will eventually circle the whole city inside the perimeter. Perfect for running, walking, biking, dog-walking, and just getting to another part of town without driving.  It is not completed yet, but parts are open and it’s a hit already!

And it is flat (well, the Beltline itself it is, but since it’s not complete the part through Piedmont Park was a little hilly). So you would think the race would be ok, right? I can give many excuses as to why I had to walk so much (granted, I still finished with about a 10 minute pace), but I think my biggest mistake is that I think it’s JUST a 10K. It may be just a 10K, but that’s still 6.2 miles!! No small feat! I obviously kind of trained but I guess not as well as I could have. I think the other main problem is that I run in winter 10Ks that turn out to be 70 degree days ha.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and a fun run despite having to walk some. Definitely continue to be excited about the Beltline and will definitely consider it’s location when I am able to move!!