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The Painted Pin

#12 of my 30 list is complete! There are SO many bars in Atlanta. Seriously any kind of bar you could want. But this newest one is for sure my type of bar. The Painted Pin is boutique bowling/game bar. I love games, a little competition, and delicious food/drinks. If you want to bowl, get there early (we got there around 7:45pm and didn’t have to wait for a lane). You pay by the hour and it is full service – they set up your game, bring your shoes, and take your orders for food and drinks.

But you don’t have to bowl. All the other games are free and there are plenty of options. We bowled this time, but we also played bocce (one of my favs), skeeball, basketball, ping pong, and skittles (we had no idea what it was either). I think all we missed was darts and table shuffleboard.

We decided to check out the food too since we went early to bowl. We split the Pin Fries with pesto aioli and Prosciutto & Pineapple pizza. The fries were amazing as is, but the pesto aioli made them 5 times better.  The pizza was good too – nothing extraordinary but great to share. But the winner was the drink: Moscow Mule Slushie. Delicious is the only description it needs.

I highly recommend this place – I’ll definitely be there occasionally and maybe more since it’s very close!


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Park Bench

I’m actually surprised I’ve already been to 3 new bars for my 30 list. Though two of them were on the same night…..

Anyway – I totally forgot to add this one after I went a couple weeks ago! Park Bench is in Buckhead and I had heard they had one night with dueling pianos. We just happened to be there on that night (though it doesn’t start til 10pm….on a work night…..yes, I’m old)! It wasn’t crowded because it was a cold Thursday night, but I liked the bar. It was big. Of course, the dueling pianos can’t hold a candle to The Big Bang (my true love piano bar), but really any live music is entertaining and they always play good tunes. I’d definitely go back and I think they’re now doing Saturday nights too which is a little more doable for an old lady 😉


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Take Me Out!

Kind of an odd item – for me – on my 30 Before 30 list was to go to 5 Atlanta bars I have not been to. When I moved back to Atlanta, I was past my “party phase” (though when I was in that phase it was much more tame than a lot of people). I just don’t go out much anymore and when we do go out, it’s typically in some chill bars in the Highlands.

So when people talk about Buckhead bars – the “party” bars – I could honestly say I had never been. To any of them. Well, there was one happy hour one time on, like, a Wednesday night. But anyway – believe it or not, I do enjoy a good dance party every now and then. So when some friends wanted to go out recently I was had the sudden urge to dance. We made our way to The Ivy where a friend – the best DJ in Atlanta – was working that night. It’s a nice bar (and huge) and wasn’t too crowded then due to the cold. We made our own little dance party before heading over to Johnny’s Hideaway, which I had heard many things about since moving here. The dance party continued but with much different music – throw back [not Thursday] and complete with disco ball. It’s definitely an experience.

If you’re in the mood for dancing, I’d recommend both. Neither are places I’ll frequent, but at least I can say I went and I had a good time.

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