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Whiskey Kitchen

I am well on my way to getting to 10 new restaurants on my 101 list! For the last of Meghan’s birthday celebrations, we went to Whiskey Kitchen, where I had never been. It’s close to not counting as an actual restaurant visit, since it was bar time, but we did get a trio dip sampler later into the night. Definitely want to go back for actual dinner.

The atmosphere was New York City-esque, with an older crowd, more business people, etc. The biggest downside, and I am going to sound like an old fart, was that it was realllly loud. There were times that I couldn’t hear what was being said in the conversation. But it was a really good time and fun new place to discover!

The Birthday Girl

These are our friends. We love them.


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#27. Bake a Birthday Cake

101 item #27!! I love baking and I love celebrating friends’ birthdays…so what better than to bake one of my best friends and roommate, Meghan, a birthday cake!! I asked her what kind she wanted and we decided on carrot with cream cheese frosting. So I spent a glorious Labor Day baking and icing a cake (among other fun things). Of course, as usual, I meant to take pictures of the process but completely forgot until the very end. Oh well!

Tonight we will cut it and enjoy the (hopefully) deliciousness. Happy birthday roomie!!!

Mmmmm....cream cheese frosting

Birthday girl today!!! Yay!!


More Reminiscing

KHP Day 8

I am working on a photo slideshow for my dad’s 70th birthday party, so I pulled a bunch of pictures the last time I was home. I am sitting here tonight, scanning them into my computer and thought, “I really could look at these pictures forever.” Half of them are from before I even existed, which makes them even more fun!! I am especially lovin’ looking through my parent’s wedding album. Below are a few of my favorites….just a nice way to spend the evening and they just make me smile. 🙂

Dad and his sisters

Dad and his sisters

Mom and Dad getting married

Mom and Dad getting married

Dad and my brother, Scott

Dad and my brother, Scott

I was a daddy's girl from the start

I was a daddy's girl from the start

I am SO excited for his party. He deserves it.

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Family milestones

KHP Day 2

Today’s happiness stems from family. I love my family. I talk to my mom minimum once a day (laugh if you want) and she is probably one of my best friends. But the real thrill currently is the planning of my daddy’s 70th birthday party in November. Now, I know 70 sounds decrepit, but he a) does not look 70 at all and b) does not act 70. And my family was never big on celebrating birthdays. We did dinner or whatnot and parties with friends when we were little, but apparently it was barely acknowledging compared to some families (coughcough–Amanda–cough).So it is exciting to get to make a big deal out of his birthday!! And I love making big deals of other people’s birthday.

So for his party, I am doing a little project with some pictures I dug up. Looking at them absolutely makes my day and I loved using them to make his invitation. Enjoy this small sampling:


Age 4 (??)


Basketball player at Georgia Southern University

And now

And now

Yeah, I’m a daddy’s girl. So what?