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We’ve been talking since before our wedding (yes, over a year ago) about getting to DC because we both have friends there. I really wanted it to be during baseball season so we could hit up one of the nearby stadiums. We finally made it happen a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing.

We stayed with friends in the Capital Hill area, which was beautiful and close to so many things. Flying in on Thursday night gave us the whole days Friday, just the two of us, to explore. We walked almost everywhere (with the exception of one Lyft ride towards the end of the day because our legs were wore OUT). We had both been to DC before, but I hadn’t been since elementary school. One completely free day obviously isn’t a whole lot for DC, but I feel like we made the most of it.

We hit up Bullfrog Bagels for a quick, delicious breakfast, then continued walking towards the mall. We made tentative plans the night before and it was actually nice to not be on a strict schedule. We just talked and took in the sites. The weather was beautiful too, albeit a little too windy for my liking, especially coming from the summer weather in Atlanta. We saw the Capital and made our way down the mall.

Our first official stop was the National Museum of American History. It’s so great that the Smithsonian museums are free because we didn’t even make a dent in all there was to see in just one of them. But we got to see some great stuff, mainly covering all of the wars. It sounds depressing but it’s really interesting seeing how men and women have fought for our country to make it what it is today.

We then made our way to the National Portrait Gallery, which was top of my list. They had a really cool women’s suffrage installation and then of course, the presidential portraits. Each president’s portrait is so unique, especially seeing them all together. I definitely recommend it.

On Saturday we hit up the International Spy Museum. I failed and took no pictures, but I definitely recommend it. It’s a private museum, so it’s not free, but it’s worth it. It’s great for families and very interactive. The only downside was that it’s so new (only opened a few months ago) that it was very crowded. So we didn’t do a lot of the interactive things because we didn’t want to wait and fight for space. But it was fascinating to hear and see stories of international espionage, techniques used in specific cases, and just how long spies have been used for various things.

Our final stop was, of course, a Nationals game and like I said earlier, it was perfect not only because they were playing the Braves, but it was the DC Vanderbilt alumni chapter game for the summer (go ‘Dores!). We added another new stadium to our lists (that makes 7 for me…8 if you include just a stadium tour for one). The stadium reminded me a lot of the Braves new(ish) stadium and it was a great time seeing lots of friends!

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“Take me out to the ballgame” is in the air. College ball opened this weekend. Professional players are trickling in to their respective spring trainings. This girl is excited. Although the past couple Braves seasons have left much to be desired, I’m really hoping this year will bring pitchers, pitchers, and more pitchers.Tomahawk chop!

One of the highlights of the weekend, though was Vandy’s opening series against Niagara. Niagara?? you ask. I did too. I did some research. Niagara University is a Catholic school of about 3,000 students nestled just 4 miles from Niagara Falls in NY, north of Buffalo. They are in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. They are the Nuggets. Yes, Nuggets. I’m interested in what the mascot looks like…..or does……

Anyway, Vandy swept, with scores of 9-0, 16-2, 21-3, respectively. The team looked good, although, yes, it is hard to tell this early and with this level of opponent. But having just 3 seniors this year, there is great potential for the Commodores in the next few years. I’m super excited for more outfield sunny afternoons, 7th inning stretches, and 8th inning ‘Sweet Carolines’. Go ‘Dores!

I heart baseball 🙂