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Halloween – Candy Edition

What’s the best part about Halloween? Candy. And the excuse to eat candy. Now, if you live in house or area where kids live, you’re used to getting trick-or-treaters. And you have a general idea about how many trick-or-treaters will show up on your doorstep that fateful night. But you always need extra…..just in case. Well, you’re not fooling anyone. We all know who will be eating the leftovers. And don’t get me wrong, I am completely guilty of this same thing.

I am also not a candy snob….except for the ones with nuts. I do not want nuts in my candy and will not eat it. It’s a texture thing, sorry. But other than that…..chocolate, chewy, hard, fruity….I’ll eat it. It really amazing how it took me 24 years before getting even close to a cavity (and even then it wasn’t a full-blown cavity). Personally, my favorite, which are specific to Halloween and absolutely necessary is candy corn. And the pumpkins are even better. Pure sugar. Yum. But be careful…..too many and you really will get a tummy ache, bleh. Yay Halloween!

What’s your favorite (Halloween-specific or not)??




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