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Christmas Card Wreath

I always feel crafty around the holidays but I like to make things that I’ll actually use or display for at least a few years. I’ve been in need of a way to display holiday cards and had seen these all over Pinterest the past few years. It seemed easy enough so I hit up Michaels and Amazon (because as much as I love Michaels, they just don’t always have everything; and because Amazon Prime….) and put it together over two evenings (maybe 2 hours total? 2.5 max). It honestly was SO easy that I wasn’t planning on posting it, but then I thought better. So sorry for process shots – but I think you can get it.



Christmas Card Wreath

What you need:

  • 1 wire wreath frame – I think I got the 18 inch but you can get whatever size works for you
  • clothespins – I ordered green and red from Amazon; they were different sizes and the larger red ones (3 5/16″) worked best; you could also buy regular clothespins and spray paint them
  • ribbon – I used 4 different 3/8″ Christmasy ribbon and a wider one to hang it with

What to do:

Paint the wreath and/or clothes pins if you want. I didn’t – the wreath is already green and I bought colored clothes pins.

Clip on clothes pins so that it opens toward the outside. I alternated colors leaving 2-3 fingers-width in between each.

Cut ribbons into pieces and tie onto middle two rings of the wreath. I started with one ribbon in between each clothespin. Then filled in with a second ribbon in between some clothes pins. I would have done 2 in between every clothes pin but the ribbon didn’t quit make it that far.

Hang it! I used a wider Christmasy ribbon to hang it with.


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New Christmas Songs

Buckhead Church does some pretty great openers – some funny, all entertaining – and last weekend was no exception. They wrote some new Christmas songs to appeal to some new groups. It never hurts to mix things up a bit, right? There are 3 (not full songs) – and the last one is by far the best. Hope everyone is having a joyful, non-stressful holiday season!

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Guide to Netflix Christmas Movies

I have happily been taking advantage of the Netflix selection of Christmas movies. Most of the movies available were probably made for Lifetime, Hallmark, Ion, or ABC Family – so of course they are HIGH quality. 😉 I believe unrealistic, corny, and cheesy are the best way to describe them. Which also, somehow, makes them wonderful and cute. Ranking these was quite difficult since they are all on about the exact same playing level. You still have time to watch some – or just save the list for a marathon next year!

And now, from most cheesy to least cheesy….

dearsantaDear Santa: Crystal finds a letter to Santa from a girl wanting a new mom. So Crystal stalks the family and inserts herself into their lives! Nice cheery Christmas haha. But somehow they make this ok and I bet you can imagine how it ends. Sorry, even I couldn’t get on board with this one. Redeeming quality? None.




Christmas Crush: [on IMDB: Holiday High School Reunion] The ‘win’ for worst was close, but I don’t think anything can beat the crazy family stalker. This was just bad. Georgia returns home for Christmas, attends her high school reunion in order to win back the heart of her hs sweetheart, while still competing with the other former cheerleaders and, of course, still not seeing the love of her life in her best guy friend right in front of her. Have I convinced you yet?? Redeeming quality? None.


holidayinhandcuffsChristmas in Handcuffs: Gertrude’s (these movies have the best character names) bf dumps her the same day she is supposed to take him home for Christmas. So, naturally, she kidnaps a guy out of diner where she works and drags him home. Of course no one believes him and I bet you can guess the ending. The redeeming quality: it starts Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez.


christmaskissChristmas Kiss: It starts strong with a scary elevator ride and a kiss between complete strangers, Wendy and Adam. Obviously. Turns out Adam is Wendy’s boss’s bf. Of course! Bet you can guess the ending!! The redeeming quality: the boss lady is a total diva and jerk and doesn’t deserve Adam anyway.



holidayengagementHoliday Engagement: Hillary’s fiancé breaks things off days before Thanksgiving and meeting the family. So Hillary hires Jason to play David to the family. And things go off without a hitch! Yeah right. Bet you can guess the ending!! The redeeming quality: it’s kind of cute and Haylie Duff is the sister.



12_Dates_of_Christmas_(2011)12 Dates of Christmas: Kate passes out and hits her head in the mall on Christmas Eve – then has to keep reliving Christmas Eve until she ‘gets it right.’ But doesn’t really get a lot of guidance. Does she figure it out?? The redeeming factor: co-star is Mark-Paul Gosselaar and it was semi-unique and cute.



holidazeHolidaze: The plot is a little weak – Mel, an uncaring company executive, falls and hits her head while back at home and wakes up in a completely different life . Of course she hits her head again and everything goes back to her former life and the time in her ‘fake’ life taught her a lesson and she changes her evil ways back in her ‘real’ life. Redeeming quality: Jennie Garth plays the main character and the message is cute.


snowmovieSnow: This really is just a great kids/family movie. One of Santa’s reindeer gets loose and ends up in a zoo in California. Nick (i.e. Santa) comes after him and falls for the zoo keeper, Sandy. Of course there’s an ‘bad’ guy trying to kill the flying reindeer. But I bet you can guess the ending!