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Training Update

A little less than 3 months until the 1/2 marathon!! I’m really excited but also a little intimidated by the training. My first official week of training was last week (before that I was training for training, hehe). Of course, as training started the snow storm of the decade hit Nashville, which forced me to run at the gym on the treadmill (sorry, not THAT hardcore to run in ice). I had been doing SO well in the cold and was actually enjoying it, especially for a southern gal, but now I’ve gotten used to inside and am much less tolerant of the cold, even after only one week!!! It’s devastating!

Anyway, this week’s goal is going to be running outside again. It was still really wet and snowy this morning, so I gave in and went to the Y….maybe tomorrow??  And I am going to Atlanta mid-week, so it should be at least a few degrees warmer and I’ll have my beautiful parks to run around, so that will definitely be good! I am committed to this training and that is that. May not do it again……but you never know 🙂 Wish me luck!

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Nope, it is not Christmas. But it is the only song appropriate with the weather that hit this weekend. Thursday night, all the school districts canceled school. Friday morning, at about 8:30am, it started snowing. Ashley and I ventured out to go to the Y and a quick stop at the grocery store, then holed ourselves in for the day. It continued to snow for well over 12 hours straight and it slowly piled up. I know everyone makes fun of how the south reacts to winter weather, but this might be the most snow I’ve ever seen come down in a day’s time. By this morning, here’s the result:

Tucker doesn't really know what to think

looking down our street

pretty white house

I’m trying to convince Ashley to go out and build a snowman with me……so far no success 🙂