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The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Amy Schumer is not my absolute favorite comedian/actress. She is funny, but is a little crude/raunchy for my taste, so I can only take her in small amounts. But when I saw she had written a book, I immediately got on the wait list at the library and got it about a week after it was released. A few of my favorite books have been female comedian autobiographies, so I imagined it would be good. And I thought the title was hilarious.

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo was everything you would expect from Amy Schumer. It was blunt, raunchy at times, and no detail was spared. But it was also everything you would not expect (or at least I didn’t). She discusses real issues – equal treatment of women, men’s views of women, relationships, and gun violence. She shares very personal stories related to all of these issues and doesn’t spare details about how she feels. Amy Schumer did not have a cushy life that led to an easy rise to the top. She battled and worked hard for the fame she has today, which makes her much more relatable than the person she paints at the stand-up mic. And yes, Trainwreck is loosely based on her life, so some of the stories sound familiar as you read (if you saw the movie). But again, there is a lot more to her life than what typically comes across to the public.

I definitely recommend this book to women, and it’s even more fun to read in public and see people react out of the corner of your eye (see covers below – I ride the train every day).

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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

No, it’s not what I sit around pondering on the weekends. It’s actually the name of Mindy Kaling’s book – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). This is the first book I’ve read in a while – life got busy and I just couldn’t get into the few that I attempted to read. I’d had numerous friends read this book and love it, so it’s been on my list. I also recently hopped on The Mindy Project train and love the show.

The book is, for lack of a better description, Mindy’s ramblings. But don’t worry – they are hilarious ramblings. Having watched the show, I can read and actually hear her saying these things, which makes it SO much better. I highly recommend watching the show before reading the book for this added perk. She covers her childhood, her career, being a woman, dating, and even includes some pictures. I read a lot on the train and I’m sure I was a sight reading this and laughing to myself. She definitely comes across as someone I would want to be friends with. Women should definitely read this book – I think a guy would enjoy it also but may not find it quite as hilarious?? Not sure – but if you’re a guy and have read it let me know!