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#46. Disney

I love classic Disney movies. I wanted to start recollecting my favorite ones on DVD, but they are a little pricey most of the time. Luckily, the Consignment Sale for the school at the church I work at was last week. This is the consignment sale of all consignment sales. And I dug out 2 classic Disney movies for $5 each – one brand spankin new, still in the plastic.

  • Snow White and the Seven DwarfsI love the dwarfs. And I’m pretty sure I can sing every song from this one. Definitely a bonus to the collection. And of course who doesn’t love when the prince comes to the rescue.
  • Peter Pan – I watched so many versions of this show/movie throughout the years, including this one, and I love every one of them. I wanted to fly out my window, into the night, off to Never Never Land.

Oh, and this completes #46 on my 101 list!!! But that’s not to say I won’t keep adding to the collection 🙂

What are your favorite classic Disney movies?

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from google images

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Spoonful of Sugar

#46 on my 101 list is definitely worth the money – to buy 3 classic Disney movies on DVD. I already owned many of them, but there were a few keys ones that I needed to add to the collection. So while waiting for my credit on sold books at McKay, I browsed through the kids DVDs. They are really not any cheaper even there because most of them are actually new – but I had enough credit to cover one and some books I had nabbed off the shelves. It was a difficult decision, but I ended up with Mary Poppins because you just really can’t beat a Disney sing-a-long. I am pretty sure it’s the best music a Disney movie has to offer.

I grew up watching Mary Poppins all the time – spending summers with my grandmother I would grab a large bag and pretend that I had my whole life in it. And would, of course, pretend I could float out of the sky with my umbrella. It’s definitely a must own.