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Park Bench

I’m actually surprised I’ve already been to 3 new bars for my 30 list. Though two of them were on the same night…..

Anyway – I totally forgot to add this one after I went a couple weeks ago! Park Bench is in Buckhead and I had heard they had one night with dueling pianos. We just happened to be there on that night (though it doesn’t start til 10pm….on a work night…..yes, I’m old)! It wasn’t crowded because it was a cold Thursday night, but I liked the bar. It was big. Of course, the dueling pianos can’t hold a candle to The Big Bang (my true love piano bar), but really any live music is entertaining and they always play good tunes. I’d definitely go back and I think they’re now doing Saturday nights too which is a little more doable for an old lady 😉