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Invitation to Provence

Checking off the books on my 30 before 30 list! This one I listened to. If you have never listened to a book while driving, I highly recommend it. It makes the drive go by SO much faster! I usually only do it if my drive is at least 4 hours one way. Most audio books are pretty long, so I found Invitation to Provence by Elizabeth Adler based on the length and the fact that it was available.

It is an interesting plot – an old woman living in Provence decides to reach out to long lost family members to plan a reunion before the end of her life. This includes people from around the world, some of whom she’s never met due to family rift (including murder and mystery). Before they all come together, you learn about each of them, along with some other people in their lives. After the reunion, the story slows down a little, but a plot of revenge picks the tempo up again towards the end. I obviously don’t want to give away anything, so read it for yourself – or listen to it!

from Amazon

from Amazon