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Fairhope, AL

Although I visit Alabama regularly to see family, I realized I’ve never posted about it! Granted, a lot times we are just hanging out at home, which is totally fine, but we do some fun stuff too!

My last trip down, we had some amazing food. My brother and sister-in-law live in Daphne, AL but her parents live in Fairhope and we spend a lot of time there as well. Especially because Fairhope has an adorable little downtown on the bay and has some great restaurants. That’s also where my last triathlon was a couple years ago!

We had a kid-free dinner on Friday night at Camellia Cafe. Their website is down (and has been), so I apologize for not remembering everything we ordered (which was a lot), but it was all delicious. We started with beverages and appetizers (yes, multiple appetizers). My sister-in-law and I got a delicious drink (sorry, can’t remember what it was!), though it was maybe a little sweet to have more than one. For appetizers we got fried green tomatoes and pot stickers (I can’t remember what was in the pot stickers – I think it was pork belly – but they were very good). My entree was amazing: pan seared duck breast served on polenta (I think it was cheesy) and asparagus.


Saturday morning, we took a girls morning and went out for breakfast and errands. The Warehouse in Fairhope is my new favorite place. If you know me at all, you know that breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal, so that is saying something. They have a great menu, whether you want a quick coffee and donut, or to sit and enjoy a filling breakfast. I had chicken and waffles that were to die for. The chicken melted in my mouth and the whipped sriracha butter was a perfect little kick. Highly recommend. Oh and the cold brew coffee was also great – you can have it with milk, chocolate milk, almond milk – pretty much whatever your heart desires.




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Grandman Triathlon

I feel like I’m flying through the items on my 30 before 30 list! Last weekend, I completed my first triathlon of this year, third one ever. I started them last summer and enjoyed it enough to keep it up this summer. And there was one in Fairhope, AL – the town next to where my brother lives. The perfect excuse to visit him, my sister-in-law and baby nephew!! I trained for a while – I really have no idea how long. The day was perfect – warm, but not hot, and mostly overcast. I’m always the most worried about the swim, especially since this one was in the bay. But overall I did pretty well and was happy with my time. It’s hard to compare race to race since distances are different, but below are my time from last weekend (on top) and my race last August (on bottom). The only difference was that the bike this time was 4 miles longer. It’s hard to get a clear large screenshot, but my swim time improved by almost 2 minutes!

2014 Grandman Tri

2014 Grandman Tri; 1/3 mi swim, 18 mi bike, 3.1 mi run

2013 Peachtree City Tri

2013 Peachtree City Tri; 1/3 mi swim, 14 mi bike, 3.1 mi run

I would definitely do this race again. I enjoyed swimming in the bay more than the lake and the bike route was beautiful.