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The Wonder

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue was a truly unique story. A girl claims to be living on no food or water and a committee sets out to determine if this is truly a miracle or a deeply planned scheme. It was a quick read that kept my attention the entire time – at least after getting over the strange topic. The characters are complex and have to face decisions and struggles that most of us cannot imagine facing. I’m really not sure what else to say about it without giving anything away other than you should definitely read this!

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Truly Madly Guilty

I love Liane Moriarty’s books and Truly Madly Guilty is her newest. I waiting a while on the waitlist to get it and it did not disappoint. I did think it was a little slower to get going than her other books I’ve read. The whole books revolves around one night and something that happened, but it takes most of the book to learn what that something was. And that something had a profound effect on numerous families, relationships, and life plans. I’ll leave you hanging at that. But the characters were pretty complex each with their own issues and unique relationships between each other. It’s a great summer/pool/beach read for anyone starting their travels soon. But be prepared to buy it or wait for a while!

According to my Goodreads dashboard, I’m 5 books behind towards meeting my goal for the year. Guess that means an extra effort to get to the pool all summer!!

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A Discovery of Witches

Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything! I guess after almost 8 years of posts (my first post was in May 2009), it’s not as much of a priority or as fulfilling anymore. Which is not a bad thing. Priorities change! I still like keeping my reads here though. And who knows, there may come a time when I’m ready to post up a storm again! But for now, I hope you keep enjoying my book list and recommendations!

I’m not sure why it took me so long (a month) to get through A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, but it put me behind for my 2017 reading challenge. I’ll have to find some quick reads to play catch up!

The first half of the story was definitely slow. I know you need to get to know the characters and provide sufficient background information and set-up for the greater storyline, but there was a little too much of that for my liking. A lot of the details in the first half of the book felt unnecessary. But once the story got going it was great, though the lead character is a little annoying at times. She’s a strong female lead, which is great, but she’s a little whiny and unnecessarily defiant at times. The story’s not just about witches, but also other creatures that live among humans and how they all interact, while working to keep attention away. It felt a little like a more adult Twilight. But better. I’m adding the next 2 in the series to my list to read after I get through the few I already have on my Kindle to read next.

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The Singles Game

Sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t a revival of my intriguing dating posts. The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger was a fun, entertaining read. Charlie is an up-and-coming star on the professional tennis tour and she finds out what it takes to make it to the top as well as what can bring you down. I enjoyed it because I love tennis and have played most of my life, but it’s more about the off-court action than playing, so even if you know nothing about tennis you would enjoy it. And although the main characters of the story are fictional, Weisberger worked in the names of real top players who are on the circuit currently. This would be a, especially great summer beach read! Enjoy!


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I needed a light, mindless book to read after the last, so I dug into the pile that my friend left when she moved. Psychos by Babe Walker was definitely that. Perhaps a little too mindless, but I won’t be too picky. It ended up being perfect for being in recovery at home! It was absolutely ridiculous, completely over the top, and entertaining for what is was. Think Gossip Girl on steroids. The other confusing thing is that Babe Walker is the author but also the character in the book, so I have no idea if she is real or if it’s a fictitious. Either way, it was a great beach read (yes, it’s October) and it’s light and easy.

Enjoy with a grain of salt and fairly low expectations! Perhaps reading her first book would have shed some light on these confusing matters, but I took what I got!


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Fates and Furies

I feel like Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff took me ages to get through and I’m pretty sure this is my least favorite book this year. Yes, it’s on all kinds of “must read” lists and nominated for all kinds of awards, which is why it was on my “to read” list. But I don’t agree with the lists on this one. I honestly thought it was slow and boring and painful. I did read the whole thing though.

It’s a weird story about a weird couple. The husband tries his hand at acting but eventually realizes his true calling (I won’t give it away since you don’t find out until later in the story). The second half of the book, the furies part was definitely better and more engaging than the fates part. But by the time I got to that part I was over it. I almost wish Groff had incorporated the family and friends of the couple more because they made the story a little more interesting. Their relationship with the family and friends was much more entertaining than their relationship with each other and their work. Just my opinion though. Feel free to disagree or read some other reviews to decide whether to read it or not.


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The Widow

I finished this book pretty quickly, partly because it was a good read, partly because I couldn’t fall asleep one night. Regardless, The Widow by Fiona Barton was an entertaining read. I thought it was a little slow in the middle, but it’s a captivating whodunit child kidnapping story that keeps you guessing throughout. It does jump around in time but clearly marks the time for each chapter, which I appreciate. I never had to flip back and forth to compare time on chapters and never got confused about where in time the story was.

There is also a secondary story line about psychological abuse and brainwashing within domestic partners. Many women find themselves (and may not even realize it) in relationships that are mentally controlled by their boyfriend or husband. They may blindly follow that man and believe everything that man says. The main female character in this book deals with this and it was interesting to see how her character developed throughout the story.

As you move into cozy fall reads or get those last pool days in, check this one out!